This weekend was pretty eventful for us. And true to Colorado, after one night of snow flurries and staying inside under blankets, the next morning we were greeted with sunshine and blue skies once again. In fact, by the time I got home from work in the early afternoon on Saturday, much of the snow by us had melted away and had formed lovely muddy rivers for Sadie to prance through. Wonderful. But since the snow-covered trees and mountain peaks still looked so beautiful, especially in contrast to the bright blue sky, I really wanted to get outside, enjoy nature and of course take some photos. Which, by the way, never fully capture “God’s country” but I’m obsessed with documenting our every move, so in that sense my snapshots do the job.

I originally wanted to go for a hike but because of snowy paths and day pass requirement, we decided to just take a driving tour through part of Golden Gate Canyon State Park and wait until summer to hike the trails. But we did take a brief hike on a trail we had trekked earlier this year which is right outside of the park. Here are a few photos from our drive and our little jaunt.

Tiny little Ryan is sitting on the right.

Sadie had some issues with her sweater. Hilarious.

Enjoying the taste some fresh CO snow, too.

When we got back home, we started getting ready for a night out with friends, our Saturday night activities small group. We met up at Tor and Sherah’s for some homemade pizzas, all creating our own unique combinations, and then played a rousing game of “Battle of the Sexes” which I am convinced is rigged. The guy’s questions were either really easy and/or our husbands are more feminine than the typical male. Either way, obviously the creators of the game did not anticipate our men soaking up information pertaining to fashion and entertainment. But really, who would have thought they would know a fashion designer with initials “YSL”?? But my main problem with the game is that the guys didn’t even know most of the answers for the questions we were asked. We girls got questions like, “What specific type of engine is in a dune buggy?” Um, not cool. This was very frustrating for someone who doesn’t do well with trivia games to begin with, much less when they seem to be skewed to favor the opposite sex. I should file a complaint. Or maybe just stop being a sore loser…ha. In any case, we had a great time battling it out all in good fun even though the guys won by a landslide.

On Sunday after another great service and youth group, we went to Old Chicago for a leader meeting to discuss the kick off for small groups while enjoying more delicious pizza. Then after a brief walk to and from the nearby park with the little one, we got ready for a fantastic night of worship in Colorado Springs at the Rock & Worship Roadshow. Thanks to our friend Leah who made us aware of this event, we got to see seven Christian bands for only $10 – and it was amazing! If the tour is coming near your city, I highly recommend going. The bands include: MercyMe (has been one of my favorite Christian bands for years), David Crowder Band, Family Force Five (total rock band…not so sure about them, but they did a great job warming us up for the headliners), Francesca Battistelli (bought her cd…such a beautiful voice), Fee, Remedy Drive and Sidewalk Prophets. They all have different styles so we got a great variety, and most of them have songs that play on K-Love (and other Christian radio stations I’m sure). So if you ever tune into those stations, I’m sure you’ve heard their music. Definitely check into it.

MercyMe – "I Can Only Imagine"

So that was our activity-filled weekend, complete with a battle scene and boxing gloves (that would be due to Family Force Five’s “unique” ensemble…). And hopefully I’ll be posting again this week with some more Colorado observations.

Happy Monday!