Last week Saturday was our six-year anniversary. Whoa! Crazy, right? Last year we announced we were expecting our little bundle of joy and this year we had a lovely time with my favorite inlaws.

Ryan’s parents came to town one last time before they had to get back to work (both teachers) and had some quality time with their cutest grandbaby. They stayed with us for a night before heading up to the mountains to visit with Laura and Jared, then on Saturday, we went up to Tabernash to join them and spend the weekend with everyone. We did some fun stuff while we were there – went to the craft fair, took a little walk around a trail in Winter Park, went on a hike, took a boat ride to Grand Lake and Sonora even went to her first rodeo – yee haw!

Ryan took the day off on Monday, so we did get some alone time (well, alone plus one cute baby) to celebrate our anniversary on our way home when we stopped in Breckenridge for a nice anniversary lunch and window shopping date. It was a perfect day and we had a great afternoon together with our little family.

Here is our weekend in photos:

Sonora didn't seem all that impressed with the rodeo.

Talking to her stuffed animal friends.

I wanted to have my senior portrait taken here.

Pretty wildflower meadow.

Destination: waterfall.

A creepy cave alongside the road.

Exploring the cave...this looks more intense than it actually was. Five mins, tops, before we high-tailed out of there.

Boat trip to Grand Lake, on Grand Lake.

Her stylish ensemble.

On the road to Breck.

Good old fashioned hay bales against a mountainous backdrop.

Lovely ladies by the lovely flowers.

Little garden gnome!

Daddy showing Sonora the rocks.

We had a great anniversary weekend enjoying this beautiful state and the fun summer events. And now that the weather is cooling down somewhat, we hope to continue our hiking excursions and outdoor adventures. We’ve got a few relatively large projects with the house (tiling the garage level, re-painting the basement and getting carpet installed) and then we’ll be able to just chill and enjoy the Colorado fall.

The end is in sight…for this year anyway.

Happily married,