Sorry for the lack in posts…these last couple weeks have been very busy as I’ve been very preoccupied with work, preparing for friends and apartment hunting. But here are a few quick updates since my last post.

We officially found our new living quarters – we’re moving to a 2-bedroom condo in Lakewood, only 15 mins away from Golden. Not too bad and while the place is smaller, it’s is really nice.

Since I didn’t write about last weekends adventures, I’ll just mention here that we spent it with friends – cooking out, playing yard games and taking a dip in the pool. Ryan and I also went swimming in Clear Creek, along with the rest of the city, which we plan to do today with all our company staying with us. It was cold but in the 90-degree heat, it felt sooo good! Not to mention was extremely fun considering it was a free water park, complete with rapids and water shoots. So fun. See photo below (photos of our time with family & friends to come soon!):

    Cooling off with the rest of the city last weekend.

Speaking of company, Matt, Jordan & Micah came to town on Friday!! I still had to work over the weekend so things got a little crazy with schedules. But we were still able to hang out all together and this weekend the boys headed up to Granby to hang out with Micah’s brother, Joel, and go hiking. Jordan and I had a nice girls’ weekend – we relaxed and napped by the pool, went for a scenic drive (Lariat Loop), ate out at the Wood Cellar in Evergreen and watched a movie.

And Jared and Laura joined us this weekend, too. They came down on Sunday to hang out at the pool and shop then spent night with us last night as well, so it’s been a fun full house!

Well I’ll write another post about our time with them at the end of the week or next week. We’ve got a lot on the agenda so gotta go…

So until then,

ps. oh, and I also wanted to mention that since I’m behind in my Daily Discoveries by a week and a few days, as much as it kills me to write this…I might just have to skip or stop all together. sad, but not worth the brain strain. sorry!