I was planning to write one other snapshot post of what we’ve been up to lately but as you can see, I was distracted with toddler games and telling people to mind their own business, ha! My bad.

But I have some fun photos from the past couple weeks that I wanted to share. Still working on last week, though…those will be in my Sunday photo strip post.

Anyway, these first photos are from a fun little outing Sonora and I had during the week right before Labor Day – we went to a new park in Littleton, (Belleview Park), that has a petting zoo and train that goes around the meadow with a little creek running through it. We found out about this park from my neighbor who takes her grandkids there all the time. It does cost a little bit to do the petting zoo and train ride but it’s definitely worth it a couple times a summer. Unfortunately, we found out about it late in the summer but I was determined to make it at least once before Labor Day weekend because that’s when the petting zoo closes down for the rest of the season. So the Tuesday before Labor Day we managed to sneak in a trip. Sonora wasn’t really impressed with the petting zoo but she LOVED the train ride (and so did I).

Conversing with the goats just like her mama used to.

Pat, pat. Good sheepie.


Goat bossing. (this was right before the goat sneezed on her and she thought that was the most HILARIOUS thing ever)

Time for a train ride!

Waiting with eager anticipation. All abooooaarrd!

On the train! Checking out the meadow.

It's so fun! It's so pretty!

Smug look after a successful train ride.

Waving to the people on the train.

Have fun! We'll be back next year.

On Labor Day weekend we had wonderful family time. We started at the park playground on Saturday, did some work in the afternoon and Ryan CUT MY HAIR! And it looks GREAT! Then on Sunday we had a pool party with friends to end the summer.

Wide slide ride with daddy.

Mama's turn for slide fun.

Bridge walkers.

Going down! (can you see her little hand waving? so cute)


This slide is not meant for adults, just FYI.

Ahaha, crazy hair!

Being chased by new park friends.

Much giggling.

One more time – I couldn't miss out on the big slide. (big mistake...my body doesn't bend that way)

What's for dinner?

Loving the big kid playground.

Poolside babe!

The group! (Amanda, Zach, Greg, Meg, Christian and Tony) They had lots of tricks and we were even rewarded with a special synchronized water dance routine by Greg and Meg.

I swear she had a great time.

Drying off and watching diving performances. Also, look at my hair! Ryan did a good job. Maybe teaching is not his true calling after all.

Later on that week, Sonora and I visited the zoo with some friends as we usually do during the week. We have totally gotten our money’s worth out of our zoo pass this year since we’ve gone almost every week. I love it. It’s a perfect morning activity to do before a long afternoon nap. Tuckers her right out.

This kid loves birds of all kinds.

Still with the pointing.


So that’s the last of our summer photos. And coming from a girl who used to be all about summer weather, I’m SO GLAD that fall is here now because it was way too hot this summer. This 70-80 weather with cool nights this past week has been glorious. Already can’t wait to do our yearly color tour up Mt. Evans!