Not a whole lot happened this weekend, but it was a good one! After I was done working on Saturday, Ryan and I went shopping with the intention of just picking up a water bottle for his sister who is going to Europe with Jared in a couple days. But of course, that wasn’t all we came home with. We ended up not only buying the water bottle for her, but also new coats and Bibles (the “paper” part of this post) for both of us and more jewelry for this girl. Hey, what can I say…we got some good deals! I mean, it goes without saying that all items were on major sale. Check out our “twin” coats:

Apex lightweight three season coats

And this is the new ski coat I got – I have to get the ski experts check it out this week when they come down, but I think it’s pretty cute!

It goes really well with my snow pants, too. The true test will be how warm it keeps me on the slopes next season.

Aaaand…the jewelry, if I must:

When we got done with our accidentally extensive shopping trip, we came home to see an email from one of our couple friends who invited us out to dinner. Perfect! So we grabbed a burger and wings at Malone’s in Arvada with Tony, Christian and Christian’s sister, Holly. Fun times were had by all.

After church and youth group today, Ryan and I headed up South Table Mountain to get the view from Table Rock – our first time on the southern butte in Golden. The paths were muddy, but the views were beautiful.

And as with every walk, Sadie got incredibly dirty and full of brambles. Oh, and did you happen to see the photo where she dug herself a little trench to lay in? Wonderful. (actually, it was pretty cute). So immediately upon our arrival home, we gave her a long-anticipated and much needed trim, followed by a bath (and when I say “trim” I mean we pretty much shaved her). Now she smells like a little flower and looks like a puppy:

And she feels sooo soft!

After relaxing for a bit, we checked out an outdoor shop downtown Golden called Bent Gate (but we didn’t buy anything!), and then took advantage of a decent dinner deal (love my alliteration, you know) at Buffalo Rose. Dinner was just okay, but looks like they have some pretty good weekday specials along with fun live music and bands that we’ll have to check out another time.

And that’s pretty much all we did this weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their Palm Sunday!