Seriously, I know these little baby journals are ridiculously sappy but they are too cute. And even though this time around I did some weirder photos (it really is getting hard to vary things up…), as much as I want to make some “funny” entries, somehow it just doesn’t seem appropriate when writing to a tiny baby. Plus, I’m sure little Hart will find my attempts at humor to be lame rather than witty when he/she is old enough to read these anyway. So I shall carry on as I have been.

Okay so this session had a wardrobe change – Ryan wasn’t too sure my belly was convincing enough with my “billowing” shirt. But I thought I’d share both anyway.

And the pickings were slim at the orange section in the store, therefore I believe this orange is smaller than my lemon from last week. But let’s not be too critical of the sizes considering the comparisons are more for fun than complete accuracy. (plus I’m not sure my stomach is any bigger this week either…)

Anyway, enjoy our little citrus sensation!

You may be wondering why I’m still wearing such summery clothes in these photos. It’s because it’s been ridiculously hot the last few days, with the exception of Saturday in Fort Collins when it was strangely cold and wet. Of course the next day was the complete opposite when we went for our four-hour hike up a giant rock. Obviously. I almost didn’t make it – even Sadie gave up at the end and Ryan had to carry her. But all in all, it was another fun camping adventure.

Okay, so who wants to help me think up some different poses for next week? I think it’s an avocado.

Penny for your thoughts,