I went to do the laundry today and decided it was time to wash all of my scarves since we were almost done with scarf season (though I still plan to wear them for as long as possible). I knew I had acquired quite a few over the years, but didn’t realize after pulling them out of the closet and gathering them together that I now have 12! That means I have at least two per coat. (yes, I have a lot of coats, too.)

Anyway, so I decided before I threw them in the wash, I’d document my array of fantabulous fabric accessories with a photo. But I just couldn’t quite capture them how I wanted, so seeing my tall hamper full of dirty clothes nearby, thought I’d try an aerial shot. Perfect! However, just before I was about to snap the photo, I felt the hamper wobbling beneath me and soon plummeted to the floor with a cry. Lying in a heap on the dirty shoe mats I’d fallen on, I assessed the damage – the camera was thankfully unharmed, but I ended up with a scraped elbow, bruised nose and a broken hamper handle. Not to mention an injured pride. I should probably use a chair next time.

Looking back on it now, I think I would have to say the funniest thing about it was not that I decided to stand in a hamper (honestly, who DOES that?), or that I was taking a photo of my scarves in the first place, or even that I must have look ridiculous lying there on the floor in shock, whimpering a bit before brushing myself off and regaining my dignity. No, those are all good reasons to laugh, but I think the best part is that after hearing my clumsy fall, Ryan called down from upstairs asking if I was okay and when I said yes and that I fell off a hamper, I’m pretty sure he just said, “oh.” Not, “why were you in a laundry basket?” or even a question regarding my sanity. Just “are you okay?” and back to work like I do this all the time or something. (I swear, I don’t)

Well after my recovery, I thought I’d take some legitimate photos so I wouldn’t feel so silly. So these are some adorable and redeeming photos of our pets that I took after my embarrassing little incident.

Classy and dignified as always,