As my title implies, this weekend was not like the last time I got eye surgery. I felt very spry and had hardly any pain – my eyes felt like they did after three months of healing…normal! I still almost forget that I just had surgery and I’m not quite as careful with them as I was last time, which I have to watch. (oooo, I didn’t even try to make the pun…it just comes naturally I guess, ha)

But things weren’t so smooth initially. After the procedure on Thursday, I felt terrible! Unlike last time, my eyes felt like they were falling out of their sockets. The reason for this, (and this is a little graphic), is that this time around the doctor had to scrape my cornea and corneal flap to ensure no infectious cells would grow upon the enhancement. For those of you who may not even know what I mean when I keep saying enhancement, it’s basically a second surgery to update the prescription to get it closer to 20/20, only the second time around they don’t have to make another cut. So that whole day I slept, put lots of liquid in my eyes and took the extra pain meds they gave me so I could hopefully wake up the next day, good as new.

And that I did! Friday morning I woke up with extremely clear vision, no pain and no light sensitivity. Remember last time I mentioned I wore my sunglasses nearly all day long, especially by the computer? And even at the ice skating rink? Yeah, well this time – not needed!

Anyway, so now I’m officially 20/20 for the first time in a looooong time. I still feel like I’m wearing contacts because I can’t believe it’s actually my vision that’s improved. I mean, when you’ve had glasses and contacts for literally 20 years, it’s definitely something to get used to! And of course I am incredibly thankful everything went so well both times. So to answer some of you that I left hanging – yes! I now officially recommend the surgery.

So now onto our weekend.

Now even though I said it wasn’t like the last surgery where I just wanted to rest my eyes, I still wanted to sleep in and just relax on Saturday. But that was due to a late night at the youth group talent show…I needed some time for my eyes to recuperate from all the action they endured so soon after surgery. I can’t believe I even felt up to doing that and I’m just hoping that didn’t cause any regression in my progress… (like I said, I keep forgetting I just got the surgery because they feel so normal). So we spent the morning being lazy and eating bacon. We are terrible to our bodies. And no, we didn’t learn our lesson from earlier in the week with the lingering bacon smell. Just when we’d been blessed with the scent finally leaving, we invited it back into our lives for a few more days. Gross. But bacon is sooo good! Anyway, I digress.

I wanted to stay in my pjs for as long as possible, so I caught up on my tv shows while Ryan ran some errands and changed the oil in the White Stallion (his motorcycle). Then I took the little one for a walk and got some gorgeous shots of the blossoming trees around the block…which are officially another one of my obsessions. Because every time I pass one, I have the sudden urge to pull the car over and take a photo. A couple of the later shots were even taken outside the grocery store on my way in because I couldn’t resist. (and I featured the first photo below in my latest article)

See why I’m obsessed? Gorgeous.

That night, we met up for dinner with our small group friends, Christian and Tony and, you guessed it, Meghan and Greg. Ahh!! We can’t be rid of them, ha. We met up at Texas Roadhouse where we discovered the best meal ever – combo plates fit for two. Ryan and I got the sirloin and rib combo plate with a loaded sweet potato and a Caesar salad. Oh. my. goodness. Waaay too much food and oh so delicious. Yeah, it’s a chain restaurant, but it’s a great one. Originally the plan was to meet for dinner and then start preparing the meal we would be serving at the women’s shelter on Sunday (our second service project there), but we decided we’d have enough time to fit it all in the next day and opted to play some games at the Frydenlund’s instead. Hilarity ensued all night long, starting with Partini (a lot like Cranium) and ending with Balderdash where we learned some fantastic words like “neb neb” and “snash.”

After church on Sunday, we had a half going away party for the college student volunteers and half happy birthday party for the youth leader, JB. For lunch? Macaroni Grill. Um, fantastic. Then we were off to help the others prep the meal.

The guys struggled with assembling a garbage composter (directions optional) while we girls handled the food. Everything got done right on time, with time to spare for some bocce ball and speed Scrabble. We loaded everything up (manicotti, salad, garlic bread, applesauce, juice, and a chocolate cake for dessert) and off we went! Between the six of us, we were able to master the skills of catering to eight mothers and their children as well as get to know the families a little more. Not only that, but the director and the families said it was a hit! We are excited to go back.

So to end this post, I’ll leave you with a link to the photos from my modeling shoot (that some of you may have seen already) by the awesome Nina Barry of From the Hip Photography. This whole shoot is thanks to my lovely floral artist friend, Cori, who arranged the whole thing and asked me last minute, while we were out to lunch, to do them a favor and be their model that day…in an hour. They had wanted both Ryan and I to do a fake engagement shoot, but Ryan actually has a full time job and doesn’t get to fool around like I do, ha. I felt a little awkward being a model all by myself, but you all know I secretly loved my time in the spotlight. And now I have my own fun ANTM “head shots” to use for my next modeling job, haha. I wish! Should have got on that sooner…before the wrinkles started setting in (seriously…wrinkles?? at 26?? what is this world coming to? I spent too much of my youth in the sun. Yeah, yeah all you adults were right…be quiet).

Well, I guess Hines Sight really is 20/20 (get it? that’s my eye doctor! HAHA).

Ridiculously yours,