IMG_9613_1Okay, I know I’m posting a lot this week and sorry about the somewhat creepy photo of my eye. But tonight, I want to talk about something happening in 12 hours that will alter the rest of my life.

Yeah, yeah dramatic I know. But I’m about to go under the laser…for reconstructive eye surgery. AHH! Do you know what this means for me?? It means I will be a new woman!

Of course as with any elective surgery I still think it’s a bit crazy to undergo. But despite all the risks that keep me worrying like I do about everything (maybe that flaw will go away, too?), I do feel confident about the decision. We’ve been praying about it for a while now and I have faith in the doctors/lasers. And I’ve realized that there will probably never be a more ideal opportunity for me to do this than right now.

After this surgery, my life won’t be the same…and I can’t wait to see with newly shaped eyes!

So please pray for me. Whether you think it’s great, foolish or you’re laughing at me for being so nervous, I’d like some moral support. Especially since Ryan keeps telling everyone that if I go blind, he’s canceling his appointment. Nice.

Well, I’ll “see” you later!