This week we got a new (temporary) member of the family. Her name is Ollie – she is big and furry. Our vacuum is not equipped for this. But that’s okay, we love our…doggy niece? Okay that is just weird. No, she is just going to be referred to as Sadie’s cousin. Which doesn’t seem much different but somehow to me, it is.

Anyway, so we acquired the big furball on Tuesday after taking Laura and Jared to the airport for their big trip to Europe. But before we left for DIA, they made a nice makeshift bed for Ollie…which Sadie immediately adopted as her own. Super cute.

Little pooch on a big bed.

After Ryan got done with work, we took a nice stroll along Clear Creek and threw sticks for Ollie to catch in the water. We are excellent dogsitters.

Go fetch!

On Thursday, I met up with my friend, Sara, (from this post) and we joined her friend, Rory, in a brief yet moderate/strenuous hike in Red Rocks park. A fun time was NOT had by all – Sara was still recovering from her surgery and the nearly straight-up climb was not working well for her body. Sara continually blamed Rory for tricking her into doing a more strenuous hike than she anticipated and insisted that now her recovery time was going to be even longer. I thought this was all very funny so I took a picture of her complaining, which is below. Needless to say, we cut our hike a little bit short which was fine with me since a storm was rolling in and the weather was becoming a little funky. It turns out we headed back just in time – it started getting really windy and we even had a little bit of hail land on us right before we got back to the car…boo.

Some nice red rocks.

Storm rolling in from the southwest.

Sara complaining about being tricked. She looks happy, but I insist...she was not.

That night we met up with our new friends Cori (amazing floral designer) and Tex for a delicious dinner in their temporary home up in the mountains of Golden. Beautiful place with gorgeous views! We enjoyed a fantastic dinner that was very spring-like – grilled chicken, fresh fruit salad, a mixed greens salad and our last minute, yet scrumptious, contribution of cookies and ice cream for dessert. After stuffing ourselves, we chatted the calories off for several more hours by the fireplace, covering a wide range of content – including fun facts about teeth, our religious backgrounds, sharing business advice and even discussing New Moon, which we have plans to watch with a group of girls very soon. I’m totally loving the great new friends we’re making, but still makes me miss my besties back in the Midwest.

Anyway, besides our new addition and our fun midweek connections, I still can’t believe it’s already April and that Easter has snuck up on us so quickly! Last night Ryan and I read all four accounts of the crucifixion and now I really want to watch The Passion of the Christ again. Such a great movie, though very hard to watch.

Tomorrow we’re going to go to the special Easter service at Red Rocks Church (not Red Rocks amphitheater, which apparently has a great sunrise service…too bad we can’t go to both!) and word on the street/spa is that it’s going to be pretty elaborate. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint! I’m really excited for that service.

We also got invited to our friends’ family Easter reunion in Erie. Apparently it is a small “country” town and along with an extensive Easter egg hunt on the grounds, Greg and Meghan even promised us a lasso lesson! We’re looking forward to the whole event and are glad to be part of a family on such a special holiday, even if they are just borrowed.

So look for a new post on Monday that will describe our exciting holiday weekend!

Until then, Happy Easter!