I think I just have two more posts before I finally feel caught up – woo!

So as some of you may know, my last living grandma passed away at the beginning of October so Sonora and I flew back for a week to attend the funeral, be with my mom, family and also sneak in visits with a few friends, too. Not much to report about our trip other than we had a bittersweet time, but overall great trip and spent a lot of quality time with people we love. And Sonora has become an expert flyer, which was fabulous. Here are some photos of our time:

Me, Sonora, my dad. Taken my by lovely Aunt Evie at the funeral. I regret not getting a whole family shot!

Playtime with cousin, Arianna, and "Gampa"

My mom, Sonora and I went downtown Zeeland to check out the Pumpkin Fest decorations. (we skipped the parade due to cold weather and sick kiddo)

My little grinning pumpkin.

She doesn't seem pleased because just moments before she was accosted by a pumpkin stem and got a bit of a bloody nose. Oops.

Window shoppers.

She didn't stay put long but we did get her to smirk.


"Cuk cuk" (I'm not sure she knew these were fake...)

Long live the Queen! If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much! (just kidding...)

Super creepy set up. It didn't even make sense. Maybe it's a controversial co-sleeping display??

Stuff of nightmares. {shudder} Look away, Sonora!

Grandma time! On our way to the candy shop where Sonora got to pick out her very own piece of candy (a sucker).


One day she will cooperate. One day...

My dad wants to take a yearly photo of her by this tree in the yard to show and compare their growth.

Loving on her mama's old dollies.

Cutie pie waiting for pick up, back in Denver.

It’s always nice to go back. Miss you all!