I feel pretty bad that I still haven’t shown any daily life photos from the rest of May considering it’s almost the end of June. So I took some time today to do that since I’m getting caught up nicely with my 2012 photo book. Well, I’m still a full year behind but that’s just how it’s going to be, I think. So much for sharing current pages with everyone once this blog expires. Oh well! That’s what Facebook is for.

So let’s begin. Here are shots from mid- to end of May. (you can see the ones from earlier in the month here)

Mowing like Daddy!

The stroller is easier to push.

Bubbles in the yard.

Someone likes trying on our shoes lately.

Wanted to wear one of her "summer hats"

We love summer.

Not a fan of papparrazzi.

Best buds.

Adorable little trike rider.


Looking for bugs.

My sweet.

A techy artist, just like her parents!

Nail polish on this little girl kills me dead.

Loves her shapes puzzle.

Nail polish inspection.

Nothing says summer quite like water painting on the fence.

And here are some from our time with our friends from Michigan, the Mitchells, when they came to visit at the very end of the month until beginning of June. We went on many more adventures with them (downtown Golden, Coors Tour, Idaho Springs) but I didn’t always take photos (GASP! I know).

Girlfriend loves to hike.

"You comin' mommy?"

Two tinies.


Two explorers.

Red dirt is the best!

Walking back.

Red beard.



These rocks are fab.


Hiking on Mt. Falcoln. She seriously LOVES hiking.

Family photo. We are so cute.

Me and my girl.

My resting spot while the others hiked a bit farther. Not too shabby.

Hiking around the top of a mountain in Breckenridge.

The whole motly crew!

ooo. ahhhh

Waving at the eagles.

Just chillin.

We saw a fox and her three kits!

Soaking up the sun before we headed back home.

So that’s our month of May! June is coming soon…ish. But next up is the maternity series. Hold onto your butts. (Jurassic park…)