Welcome to Golden!

As you know, one of my favorite activities to do in Golden is walk around Clear Creek. And that’s just what we did on Saturday after I got home from work, so we could enjoy the great weather…finally! We also meandered downtown Golden for a stop in one of my favorite shops (soon to be featured on Examiner.com), Red Wagon, where I purchased some plants for my summer home decór. I also happened to see some absolutely adorable little baby booties from an Etsy.com seller along with a few other awesome children’s items (like a book about the tickle monster that comes with monster gloves – so cute!). So for anyone who’s having a baby…I may have to get something off your registry, sorry. Here are some photos from our walk:

Showing off my mad workout skills on the outdoor fitness area along Clear Creek.

Watching some kanoodling and kayaking action.

Handsome and Hairy

Tiptoeing through the tulips...literally for this shot.

Big dog, little dog...isn't that a children's book I used to read? Yes, it is.

Springtime views from the Washington Ave bridge.

Our most eventful activity this weekend was hanging out with a few of our friends for Brad’s birthday party – dinner at Hacienda Colorado and then bowling. And can I just say that bowling prices have skyrocketed since my younger days?! Wow…I was so surprised to hear the words, “But the family package is only $84…” Whaaaat?! Thankfully, due to our Dutch and frugal upbringing, we proudly carry our Entertainment Book around with us everywhere and use our coupons frequently – this time was no exception. So for half the price (which we’re not quite sure they were supposed to honor for the family package) we happily bowled two-and-a-half games along with our free shoes and pitcher of lemonade. Good times.

Sunday was a very relaxing day full of shopping – I know, I know. I just wrote about how I haven’t had the urge to shop, but that’s because I have been avoiding malls on purpose. Because when I’m near stores, I get the itch. Anyway, since Laura and Jared were in town to pick up some stone for their landscaping, we met up for lunch after church. And our lunch spot happened to be near the main shopping district of Golden (darn it) so after we chatted for a while, we went to the nearby Old Navy and Kohl’s for some good sales. I got an adorable little dress from Kohl’s, which was not only a sale-priced item, but also 30% off with our Kohl’s coupon. Which we redeemed on our entire purchase. Gotta love those discounts.

Oh, and did I mention I found this ridiculously awesome dog bed for Sadie?

A two for one - toy and bed...and she loves it!

But it was such a nice day and we were wasting it in stores so while the sun was still out, we headed back take the Barks for a walk. On our walk we happened to spot literally 11 paragliders floating overhead. That of course inspired us to see the action firsthand, so we took a late afternoon ride up Lookout Mountain. And obviously we took Sadie in her backpack, to the delight of all we passed on the road.

Cruisin' pup.

View from Windy Saddle Park.

This was how she sat the whole ride.

And even though today isn’t the weekend, I did want to add that tonight we got to Skype with our favorite overseas friends, Francesco and Marinella, who we stayed with for a few days while we were in Italy last spring. We love them! They are currently vacationing in the U.S., visiting all their relatives in a few different states. Originally we had plans to hang out with them while they were in Chicago visiting Ryan’s boss, but for obvious reasons we couldn’t anymore. They were sad to realize that we had moved away, but we have agreed to keep in touch more and potentially travel with them around Europe again sometime! We also encouraged them to make a trip out here – I think they would appreciate seeing more small town USA, especially with this scenery. I miss them a lot and wish that we could have given them big hugs rather than blowing kisses over Skype (Italians are so affectionate!), but it is what it is.

So that’s my weekend update. Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather that we’re now getting again! I’m so over the precipitation of spring but am ready for the water in our pool! It’s full, clean and just steps away…taunting me. Opening weekend is coming up quick, though, and you’d better believe I’ll be in as soon as I can!

Until then, I’ve got the windows open and have plans to sit out on the porch tomorrow and read after I’m done working. Mmm.