The post you’ve all been waiting for!

Or at least the one I promised you last weekend. Quite a few photos so I think you’ll be satisfied despite the delay. They are from the last couple weeks in April through this week.

Do your "Happy Sunday" dance!

Sick day couch snuggler. Watching 101 Dalmations for the first time.

Day at the park!

My sweet / Watch out for the belly looming behind

After playground lake walk, pointing out the waterfowl.

Two kids.

"Pinding rowy podies, Mommy" (finding roly polies) / "Wook, daffodils!" (she calls dandelions daffodils and I rarely correct her)

This happens a lot and I melt every time.

After she reads the book she says, "Good book, huh?"

Love my girl.

Cute / Ferocious



I ordered a custom hand-lettered piece of artwork from a friend, designed a Bible verse in rainbow stripes and ordered a "This little light of mine" print from Etsy for Sonora's sunshine corner.

Our little frilly social butterfly.

Were you able to handle all the cute? I hope you didn’t die from the overload. It’s hard to survive after these kinds of posts.

Until the belly…