We are officially moved in! Yeeessss!!

Well, not all the way – there are obviously still boxes to be unpacked and things to put away. But this past weekend, with the help of some friends and family, we closed up shop at the old rental condo and got to work on the house to make it livable. We got quite a lot accomplished, including deep cleaning nearly everything on the main levels which made me feel SO much better (even though the carpet is still here and totally disgusting). So no need for a cleaning lady after all I guess (thanks Mom and Laura!!).

But we are still living in a construction zone because the ceilings are being worked on…again. One step forward, two steps back. Ryan had taken off the popcorn texture and repainted everything, but some of the surfaces didn’t look so hot. So we’re having a guy go over it with some plaster to smooth it all out on the main level and then Ryan will prime and repaint AGAIN.

Oy. Glad I’m not doing that.

The problem with this is that the entire main level is covered in plastic and the lower level is housing boxes of things that belong on the main level. So yeah. Not the best living situation. And he’s a bit older so while the costs are lower, the labor has been slooower. Which is making me anxious and antsy because everything is being held up by the plaster work in the house. We don’t want to lay new carpet down or paint the walls until the plaster dust is gone and we don’t want to move anything into rooms that are under construction either. So we’re at a bit of a standstill with the lower levels. (sidenote: this is a tri-level with a basement)

Also, currently the office is in disarray since it’s temporarily upstairs in the guest room and it’s making me go a little bonkers as well. Not only are there partially unpacked boxes everywhere and cords running every which way, I’m typing on a tiny end table on my computer that’s in the closet. Yes, I’m working out of a closet. Joy. But we had to get back to work right away on Monday, so it is what it is, I guess.

But the guy doing our ceilings mentioned something about putting some drywall texture over the wallpaper on the walls, which would cut down WEEKS of work taking down wallpaper and it would be one less mess to clean up, too (it’s just in a few rooms but soo labor intensive). Um, I am on board with that! Let’s just hope that doesn’t take two weeks…we NEED carpet. Seriously.

Anyway, to appease people who are curious about where we are living now, I took a few snapshots today of the outside since the inside is in shambles. Now there is still a lot of work to be done on the outside as well (re-painting with more modern colors, landscaping, re-roofing, etc) but before and after shots are clearly months in the making. So it’s not as dramatic of an introduction, but it’ll do.

The barn is in our neighbor's yard – our yard ends at the giant spruce tree. You can barely see the fence on the property line.

So there it is, in all it’s 70s glory, haha. But we absolutely LOVE the yard (freshly mowed by me today!) and the giant deck. We are imagining all the backyard barbecues and badminton matches already.

More photos to come as we make progress on the inside and you know you’ll be seeing some new landscaping at some point, too. I have lots of ideas bouncing around.

We’re getting there…


ps. the title of this post is actually a really good movie. you should watch it.