I admit I’ve been a little behind in my weekly shoots already – today is the first day I’ll have them up in time. Ideally I’d like to get them done and posted by Monday since I’m officially beginning my 15th week at the start of the week.

Ryan thinks I’m taking them too late anyway, since I like to take the photos when I’ve completed my full week so I can write about my week as a whole. Which means baby H might be a little bigger by that time. But it’s not an exact science, this fruit business, so I think it works out just fine. But that means I really shouldn’t delay the shoots. I mean, I can’t find pleaches & peamons at the store.

I’m pretty sure he also thinks the “fruit shoot” is getting a little boring since there’s not a lot of different poses I can do right now that highlight both little Hart and the fruit (since I’m not huge yet), but I still think it’s going to look great as a series.

So despite our minor artistic differences, here’s something we both can pucker up to:

The stripes totally work wonders for highlighting the bump, don’t they? I thought so. I’m slowly working my way to an alien belly…