So this post is coming a little late because I didn’t have time to post on Monday and somehow came down with the flu yesterday. Which was absolutely horrible. But I’m pretty much back to normal now with the exception of feeling weak and like I did about 8,000 sit ups. So sore. But true to my weekend agenda I wrote at the end of my last post, that’s literally what we did with a couple minor changes.

First of all, I should mention that Friday night Ryan went to try to drown himself by participating in a self-taught river kayaking lesson down Clear Creek – the local white water park with actual rapids and large boulders. Unbeknown to me, apparently people are just given the gear and sent out with a “fair thee well, maybe you’ll make it out alive” wave. Not a smart idea if you ask me. I later discovered he had flipped over several times but didn’t yet know how to right himself – had he not been able to get himself out of the kayak he could have drowned. AHHH!! Many bruises, scratches and cuts on his feet later, he survived to tell his tale…but admitted he needs some more lessons before he braves the rapids again. Thank goodness my husband found his common sense back. He also stopped by Golden’s First Fridays street fair to check out the local festival and listen to some live music for a bit. I love living in a small town that has so many fun events! Although, I was sad to have missed this one and the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, but I’ll get my chance soon when we have friends and family in town.

On Saturday while I was at work, Ryan went with some of our small group friends to help with a local food drive – sorting food for the entire morning. When I got home we grabbed some lunch and took the little pee pants for a walk. No seriously, she peed about 10 times in our 20 min walk. Ridiculous. Then we took a quick dip in the pool to cool off before our youth leader cookout. We had a fantastic night of badminton, food, volleyball (although the girls’ v-ball game was not so good and definitely not graceful), and firepit conversation late into the evening. Not to mention my first strawberry shortcake of the season – yum! Loved getting to know them all better – and of course we’re planning an upcoming Twilight movie marathon in preparation for Eclipse coming out this month – yay! Not that I’m excited or anything. (maybe I should read the whole saga for a third time so I’m really prepared…)

On Sunday we went to Infinity Park to watch my cousin-in-law, Dustin, play in the national rugby championship. Some of our activity small group friends – Kevin, Danielle, Brad and Sarah (a seasoned rugby player herself) – met up with us to cheer my cousin on. We were also joined by some crazy pirate costume-clad fans with fun South African accents who were quite rowdy, and for good reason – Tampa Bay Krewe was on fire! Besides the fact the temperature was nearly to the same degree as a blazing fire (so. hot), there was nothing stopping them. After being neck in neck the whole game, they finished with a tie and went into overtime. Dustin was amazing the entire game, but in overtime we got to watch him stomp on the opposing team to win the national championship! I had no idea he was that crazy good at the game, but he should have been the MVP.

Enjoying the shade of our umbrella at the game.

Pure mayhem.

Pirate "Krewe" fans.

Good group. And please note the unplanned red, black and white umbrellas. We are awesome fans.

Later on that night, we met up at Bush & Bull where we got to join the entire team and some fans for some food and beer. Ryan and Dustin got to meet and talk for the first time ever and now it makes me wish that we all lived closer. We tried to convince Dustin a move to Denver was the smartest thing to do. We’ll see if we can finally break him. I don’t think it will take much convincing for Lexie…

The team MVP and the real MVP.

Not a lot of photos taken this weekend, but we had a ton of fun – we try not to be the crazy photo people at social gatherings. It’s hard to resist, but sometimes the proof isn’t in the pictures.