The pastor read a great quote by C.S. Lewis that summarizes this Sunday’s sermon perfectly: “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” And below are the key points from the message that elaborates a bit more on Christian joy.

  • God created life to be enjoyed.
  • If you are doing something you enjoy and celebrating things that bring you life, then you are enjoying the Lifegiver.
  • The whole purpose of life before sin was to have fun, but eating the apple ruined that for us – disobedience is the joy killer.
  • God will never ask us to do anything that is not in joy of Him or that does not bring Him joy.
  • God encourages us to party/celebrate life.

So in my words – simply by doing things that I love and enjoy, I am worshiping God. And I honor God by loving and respecting His creation which He so carefully designed for our enjoyment.

If that’s not the coolest outlook on Christianity, I don’t know what is.

This brings me joy!

In Christ,