Ahem. *dusts off blog*   *wipes off cobwebs*

So where was I? Ah, yes. Another photo dump of the past month. I can’t believe I’ve gotten so few and far between in my posts lately! Life in the first trimester is a lot of sick, tired and busy. So that’s my explanation, heh.

But seeing as I’ll be officially be starting my next MATERNITY SERIES…I thought maybe I should do some photo housekeeping around here. So have fun.

January 1-13

Doing "Row Row Row Your Boat"

Very pleased with this game. Said "gin" (again) like 20 times.

Modeling her beautiful handmade scarf from Auntie Leah.

Soap eater.

Book reader.

January 14 – Butterfly Pavilion

We had our first experience at the Butterfly Pavilion this year. Sonora got to see all kinds of cool, creepy-crawly bugs, sea creatures (she even got to pet some starfish) and, of course, butterflies! She was too young to hold the tarantula so I held it instead. I’m so brave! I even got a sticker (I gave it to Sonora). We went through all the exhibits twice because the place was pretty small and the second time we stayed to watch the butterfly release. Sonora even had a butterfly land on her and give her an authentic butterfly kiss. However, she did NOT enjoy it. She wanted it off and kept frantically saying, “wings wings” until it flew away because she didn’t like the kiss. But she loved the spider. Go figure.

Inspecting the butterfly.

Serious inspecting.

Bridge fun. This girl loves her bridges.

Back and forth, back and forth. (there were three different bridges she got to enjoy)


Getting up close and personal.

Very interested.

Pretty little things, huh?

Much splashing in this tiny puddle by ALL the children. Silly kids.

Meeting Rosie the tarantula! ...while eating snacks.

At the butterfly release. She was the only kid who went up to the front to try to release them herself and then got scared of a butterfly. I got it on video.

More pretty. There were so many different kinds.

She really liked this mantis sculpture (obviously! a girl after her mom's own heart) but wouldn't look at me. Not surprised.

January 15-19

Caring for her children. Reading and shushing.

Ryan got himself a hammock for Christmas and got to bust it out on a nice, sunny day.

Child labor is happening here.

I ran errands during Sonora's nap and came back to find this quaint little scene. I secretly took a photo from inside the house. Sadie cracks me up.

Books are multi-purpose.

January 21 – Free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens

It was a GLORIOUS 65-degree day on Martin Luther King, Jr. day and conveniently, Ryan did not have to work. I love his teacher’s schedule. Funny thing that happened here, I realized I lost part of my necklace at the very end when we were in the orchid house. I was upset because it was really pretty rock and I figured I’d never find it since the pathways at the gardens are all literally made of rocks. But at Ryan’s suggestion, I retraced ALL of my steps and…FOUND IT. Guess where? Oh, just at the hill where we started, buried in the grass. Lasik gave me eagle eyes.

Excited about running through the plants.

Super excited about running up and down the big hill.

Exhausting work.

Full speed.


Soaking up the sun.

Checking out the waterfall with daddy.

Hiking in the desert with mommy.

Plant discovery.

Orchid showcase. (please note how studly Ryan looks in the background)

Pretty girl, pretty flowers.

More excited about the bench than the flowers, actually.

Nap time sloucher.

January 26-27 – Small group weekend in Breckenridge

Last weekend we got to enjoy a free stay in a condo on Lake Dillon, near Breckenridge, with our small group friends. We had a great time together on Friday night, eating a delicious potluck turkey dinner and playing some fun card games that required no skill or thinking – my favorite! On Saturday, we all headed to Breckenridge for the International Snow Sculpture Festival which was small but fun and then had lunch together at a great pub. But that night, around 5pm, something hit me and I was out of commission for the rest of the trip. I was literally throwing up every 15-20 minutes from 5pm to 10pm and then just once every hour from 10pm to 5am. My worst nightmare! The next morning I felt better but not at all normal so we cleaned up our room (the master suite with private bathroom, thank goodness) and headed out and I slept the rest of the day away once we got home. I finally felt better on Tuesday and was fully recovered by Wednesday morning, thank goodness!

View of the frozen Lake Dillon from inside the condo.

Posing but not looking. Of course.

Climbing through!

Crazy faces.

Crazy bear.

Crazy mama.

A most excellent sculpture.

I had to.

Ride 'em, cowboy. (This was the entry from Breckenridge)

Posing by the train with my babe.

And posing by the ice train with daddy.

Hands on.

The group!

January 28-31

This happens regularly now.

It lasts for about 10 minutes.

Pure glee.

Collapse. (she didn't fall, just was laying there like this for a bit, ha!)

Catching snowflakes!

I just love her big, blue eyes so much.

Pretty almond shaped eyes. Pretty girl.

And that’s a month in our life! I’ll be better about posting now that I have a maternity series, promise.