Well I thought this weekend would be fairly boring, but it turns out that Ryan felt much more up for activities than I did after my surgery. Even though we’re both still seeing a little blurry and have to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from wind, sun and fuzzies (oh gosh, the fuzzies…it will be worth the money for the surgery if I don’t have to deal with those anymore) we didn’t want to be cooped up for another weekend. So after sleeping in and loafing around a bit on Saturday, the fearsome threesome went for a brisk walk around the neighborhood to check out the nearby homes and their prices. Just checking them out…that’s all.

Since we live off a fairly major roadway, there is a fun sidewalk overpass (sounds much cooler than pedestrian bridge) from our side of the road to the other that winds through a subdivision-like cluster of modest-sized, yet expensive, homes nestled among the foothills. Needless to say, the homes there are slightly out of our price range, but they do have killer views of the buttes and Lookout Mountain – hence the pricing.

On the "overpass" platform.

On the "overpass" platform before crossing.

Why did Ryan cross the road? To get to the other side.

Why did Ryan cross the road? To get to the other side.

After our walk, I made some Scotcharoos (thanks to my lovely mother-in-law for sending the recipe) for our “activities” small group we’d be hanging out with that night for a fun night of ice skating, game playing and dessert consumption. While I was busy in the kitchen, I noticed two sleepy ones in the living room.

Okay, so Ryan wasn't REALLY sleeping like this, but Sadie was.

Okay, so Ryan wasn't REALLY sleeping like this, but Sadie was. Also, please note the giant coupon book. We are Dutch, through and through.

Then off we went to the ice rink at Belmar in the neighboring town of Lakewood. As you can see, Ryan and I were the movie stars of the rink that night, but not just because of our sunglasses – we also showed off our sweet moves, pulling off lateral twists all night long. That’s just how we roll.

Hey Hollywood.

Hey Hollywood.

On Sunday, I made far too many meatballs for the two of us, and even too many for the friends we’d asked to join us, Leah and Ian (you remember them from Zoolights?). So since a couple from our activities small group from Saturday sat with us at church, I just thought it made sense to invite them over, too. We had a fun “family” dinner with the six of us and had a great time getting to know Brad and Sarah a little more over dessert. They even invited us up to Steamboat Springs in two weeks for a fun winter festival that includes crazy things like ski joring. Awesome. We have marked our calendars.

And that, folks, was our weekend in a nutshell.