As we are preparing to move to Lakewood, I am thinking about all the things I will miss about Golden. And I know that you people (yes, I just said you people) probably think that I’m crazy for being so sentimental about a city that I’ll only be 15 mins away from, but it’s just not going to be the same.

We won’t be able to just take a walk or ride our bikes to Clear Creek/downtown from our place (granted we only did that a few times, but still…it was the fact we COULD if we wanted to). We won’t be as close to all the festivals and events going on all throughout the year (like Olde Golden Christmas, E-Days, First Fridays, Buffalo Bill Days, Golden Farmer’s Market, Golden Fine Art Festival and Music & Movies in the Park). We won’t technically be part of the community that I’ve grown to love, both through networking for Signify and my own PR/marketing for the city itself (ahem, this blog). And I’m especially dismayed that our little “golden” nugget won’t spend his/her first few months of life in Golden…sad!

Okay, I admit…I’m again being a little dramatic and more woeful than I should be. But still, we moved out here because of the allure of this particular area and I immediately fell in love with this town for several reasons already mentioned in previous posts.

So here are some reflection on what I will miss most, or rather, the accessibility of what what I’ll miss. ‘Cuz you know I’ll be back in Golden whenever possible. And where applicable, I’ve included links to previous writings on the matter so you can also enjoy in my reflection. All right, here goes…

  • Um, the charming downtown – obviously one of my tops.
  • Winter, Spring and Summer walks along Clear Creek
  • The statues!
  • All the cute shops downtown and delish restaurants/cafés
  • The nearby park and Redbox – okay, so we’ll have both of those at our new place. But still.
  • Hiking North Table Mountain and South Table Mountain
  • Climbing NTM – well, I guess it would technically be missing the opportunity of climbing NTM because we never got the chance to do this. Very upsetting – and I bought my own harness and everything! Basically, I missed my chance to do this because we kept saying “we’ll do it another day” and then I got knocked up. So there went that plan.
  • Driving up Lookout Mountain and checking out the killer views (we did this so often that I’m only sharing two links)
  • Mountain beauty at our doorstep – even though we never hiked around Golden Gate Canyon State Park, the drive itself is gorgeous.
  • The festivals and events (links above) – there are so many in one little town! But I’m totally still going to every one of them, whenever possible.
  • Tubing down Clear Creek!
  • And the general feeling of Golden – it’s just a neat town…not busy, not rushed. Set apart from the rest of the cities because of the buttes. Small town feel with a “charm all its own” as one writer put it.

Bear with me in my time of grieving.