This post will be brief and not as descriptive as I’d like, unfortunately, but for good reason – my best friend from Michigan and her husband are coming to stay with us and will be here soon! So needless to say, when we got home last night from our camping trip in Buena Vista, we had to spend the night cleaning in preparation for their visit and I didn’t get the chance to write. My family is coming only two days after they leave, so we had to make it a deep clean so that we wouldn’t have to stress out (and by we, I mean me…) and would only have to do a light touch up.

Anyway, obviously by now you know that our weekend was spent camping in San Isabel National Forest in the wonderful mountains of Colorado. We went with our small group – Tony & Christian (planners), Jason & Adrienne, Marty & Jane and Meghan & Greg (missing: Spencer & Erica) – and though we joined a day late and didn’t go white water rafting with most of the group, we had a fantastic yet ridiculously dusty time hanging out and playing crazy redneck games. Don’t ask.

On the way back home, we took a different gorgeous route through Leadville and Breckenridge – I cannot begin to describe the beauty of this state we now live in. I take way too many photos because I don’t want to forget anything, but at the same time I realize it’s a little silly since I can never fully capture our experiences in photos. In any case, I’d like to try to share our trip in photos now. Enjoy!

Just some of the beauty on our drive to Buena Vista (this was taken through the car window, so it's not appearing quite as spectacular as it really was).

The road to our campsite by Clear Creek Reservoir.

Love the fence. Love the lake.

Since we came a day late, our friends were gone upon our arrival so we meandered down to the river to play.

Crossing through frigid water to "the island" to check out the views.

Tiny little me amidst the sticks.

Handsome drying off his feet before making our way back to the dusty camp.

Our friends came back shortly and fun (yet dangerous) games ensued and then it was time for food!

Our campsite at the base of the mountains and by the river, with views of a beautiful waterfall cascading down the mountain. Great job on finding such a fantastic spot, Tony!

Only half of the gang - Jane, Marty, Greg, Meghan and loverboy.

Heading away from camp to visit a nearby ghost town.

Vicksburg, not actually a ghost town since descendents still live in the log cabins.

Heading out, stopping at Clear Creek Reservoir.

So picturesque, aren't we?

Our stop in Leadville.

Got some delicious cookies at this place...yum!

Panning for gold in Breckenridge. I found some and now we're rich! Oh wait...

Petting zoo by the outhouse racing...don't ask. It was part of the Kingdom Days festival to celebrate the town.

Our trip wouldn't be complete without witnessing the roping of straw "cattle."

It took two baths for Sadie to get mostly clean and one-and-a-half for me. So dirty, but oh so fun. And more fun is in store for us this week! Just call me tour guide extraordinaire.