So, part of the job of a SAHM is to take photos and videos of your child, right? And then share them with everyone, right? Right.

Sonora has been watching us eat our food lately with such interest, going as far as making loud smacking noises and drooling like a rock star, so I thought I’d try her out on some solids. After much advice from my Twitters, I decided to just stick with organic brown rice cereal that my doctor recommended for the first test, just to see if she’d swallow anything from a spoon – enough of a challenge, I thought. Plus I figured rice cereal is mostly breast milk anyway, so she would be the most used to that than anything else.

Anyway. Watch how that went…(double click the image)

There are many things we’ve learned from this video. One, I am a giant dork. What is up with my laugh? Not to mention my awkward mom voice. Two, we totally put the Bumbo on the table. UNFIT PARENTS. Three, I don’t think we’re quite ready for solids yet. (Or are we?)

Now, here is a video we took earlier in the week of Sonora at her “desk” in the office. Conducting some very aggressive baby business…in her skivvies. Lots of bobbing and swaying and squawking. And a random evil groan. ?

Anyway, that’s just a peek into our life.