I love Golden. Have I made that obvious enough yet?

Well I’m currently working on a writing assignment, and since there are plaques along Clear Creek detailing some of the history of Golden, I thought I’d take Sadie for a nice little informational stroll yesterday afternoon. That was when I discovered again that this town is ridiculously charming. And with spring right around the corner, it makes it that much more. Everything from it’s history to it’s location makes this city idyllic. And you’ll get the picture in a minute. There’s just something about this town that makes me feel connected to it.

Okay, that sounds a little hippie, but you know I mean. I feel connected for all the reasons I’ve already described in this blog – the quirky events, historic downtown, unique shops, fun museums, the proximity of trails and other outdoor recreational activities, etc. All of it suits and inspires me. The only problem is that I’m not sure we’ll be able to stay here – there aren’t many houses we can afford and of the ones we can, there are few we’d even consider. But we’re here now, and I’m reveling in the present, okay? I’ll give myself that for consolation, ha.

So anyway, back to my walk. Spring is definitely in the air. Not only was it gorgeous out (by the end of my walk I was down to my tank top) but there were people all over the place – either walking their dogs, pushing their kids in strollers or just reading on the benches. This leads me to wonder what they do for a living…some were clearly stay-at-home moms and retirees while many of the others appeared to be around my age. So are they like me, enjoying the town while searching for work? Do they work out of the house, too? Maybe they work at night or during odd hours. Or do they just have a blessed life with no need for a job? In any case, it was a lot of fun observing the happenings in my short walk and I noticed a lot during my meandering that completely made my day:

  • the sun shining and glistening on the water
  • the smell and sightings of new plant life – first signs of spring
  • birds chirping loudly and dogs barking in greeting
  • an old man reading on a bench just outside of the library
  • two ladies chatting about life and what a cute little dog that was (yes, it was Sadie)
  • the sound of the creek bubbling over the rocks and the splash of a dog jumping around in it
  • business people enjoying ice cream on the bridge – their conversation turning quiet when I stood nearby reading the plaques
  • chickens pecking at the ground at the old historic village
  • an unconcerned bare-chested, shirtless man reading silently who smiled warmly as I passed
  • moms getting a workout behind their strollers
  • the “thump-thwack” of tennis balls being volleyed back and forth
  • a dad teaching his small son to stand, laughing when his wobbly knees made him fall down on his cushioned bottom with an audible “plop”
  • the sharp “crack” of a bat connecting with a softball during a father-daughter lesson
  • giggling girls playing on the playground, singing silly songs and shrieking to each other
  • the panting conversation of runners passing by
  • a little girl balancing rocks on the workout equipment
  • the overall sense of good spirit and amiable attitudes – nearly every person either smiled, said “hi,” or praised the weather as we passed one another

See? Totally quaint. And as you can see, on this walk I became a little more poetic than usual, ha. Not only that, but it actually rekindled the desire to pursue another interest of mine – to be a freelance local travel writer and/or photojournalist. That thought came up a few years ago, before our move, and started with my subscriptions to Outside, Adventure and Traveler magazines. Reading those articles always inspired me. And now living here, being inspired by Golden and Colorado in general and having more time to think and develop my writing with this blog makes me think I should try to actively pursue that passion. Who knows if I’m good enough to compete with the thousands of fantastic travel writers out there already – not to mention compelling bloggers – but I figure it’s worth a shot, right? I’ve gotten one gig through this blog, so why couldn’t there be more?

So although this post was inspired by living in Golden, if our residence here is only until the end of the summer, that’s okay. I’ll miss living so close to the downtown, the foothills and discovering all the neat things about “The Golden City,” but just as I’ve done before, I’m sure I’ll grow to love our next destination just as much.

In the meantime, I’m just going to keep detailing every experience we have here as a way to celebrate a unique town and as a reminder to keep pursuing my interests.

Your aspiring literary,