As you may have noticed, I haven’t been doing very many midweek posts lately. This has much to do with the fact that the last couple weeks have been pretty busy, and quite frankly, I just didn’t have anything to write about. Especially now that I’m doing a bit of semi-professional article writing. But it’s also because I’m finally getting tired of my excessive computer usage.

My butt, back and neck have been especially sore for the past three weeks and that’s just not cool with me. So I’m enforcing a limit on my computer time. And I’m also enforcing a “go-outside-and-enjoy-the-weather” break every day that I’m working from home – minimum of 30 mins. Because technically, I should be taking two 15-minute breaks away from the computer every work day…and I really don’t. Unless I take a break to clean, which is lame. The beginning part of May wasn’t really conducive to outdoor breaks, but now that the weather is consistently awesome, I think I’ll probably have more incentive to get up off my butt and move around. And I think both of these things will improve my productivity.

The problem is that most of my jobs require the use of the computer (between freelancing, article writing and networking), so I find myself wandering over to check the news, job postings, Facebook, Google analytics or my Examiner reporting on my breaks, “off” time or at night when I’m bored. That is lame – with the exception of checking job postings. What’s even more lame is the fact that some days I neglect Sadie because the I’m stuck in my Internet-induced coma so I forget she actually likes to exercise a lot (unlike some other creatures in this household…) – this even happens on gorgeous days when I should be taking advantage of not having a full-time job.

What’s more…sometimes I’m so glued to the computer that I don’t take time to eat lunch until mid-afternoon or even remember that I should take time to make dinner one the days I work from home. And I love cooking meals! But it almost feels like a burden to interrupt my computer time with putting together a good, home-cooked meal because I know it will take a while to put it all together and heaven forbid I’m away from the computer for more than five minutes.

So here’s my goal for computer time – limit myself to only 8 hours a day on my at-home work days (rather than 12+); 4 hours max on weekends. With the exception of any immediate deadlines, of course – some days may require more. That means my Facebook-stalking will be reduced down significantly…yikes. And my blog posts might become a bit shorter or less frequent…we’ll see.

As for my other master, tv, I’m thinking limiting my viewing time to 5 hours a week total – that means a movie or two, and/or a few shows rather than watching something nearly every night just for the sake of watching something. I need to read more instead – even though it’s a solitary activity, it’s something I’ve been missing out on for a while. So Ryan will just have to deal with it, ha. I just don’t want to end up feeling like my life is being dictated by technology, bouncing from one screen to the next.

So what about exercising? Well, it’s still a work in progress – our weekday routine has not yet developed. We’ll start next week, right? Haha. But Ryan and I have made the commitment to at least do recreational activities on the weekend so we’re active. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work on getting into the habit of regular workouts.

But I’m going to commit to this. Not just try…DO. So help a sister out and give me some encouragement. Because it’s going to be hard to break bad habits and this addiction…

Everything in moderation,

ps. starting…NOW. goodbye computer, I’m off to walk Sadie.