It only makes sense that since Sonora is turning 9 months this Friday that I would post her 8-month photos. Heh. Well, at least I took them finally.

So. Yeah. Our baby is almost beyond 8 months already. NUTTY. Here’s what she’s been up to lately: pulling herself up to her knees & also pulling herself up to standing, cruising along furniture, eating mostly finger foods (pushes the spoon away, refusing to “eat like a baby” – her words, not mine), babbling with a lot more inflection, nearly always standing, trying to stand/walk on her own (meaning no assistance and she’s SO close…whoa, slow down!!), super steady on her feet, and she crawls after the dog which is hilarious.

She is getting even more of a personality which I find to be awesome, yet I am leery of her “drama baby” days (throwing her head down on her arms dramatically) and her most recent behavior of gruffly shoving an item aside when she doesn’t want it anymore. Namely my hands (when I try to force feed her something she doesn’t want) and face (when I’m up in her business mashing my face into her belly). It is also sometimes accompanied by an annoyed/disgusted/snotty look. Um, does this mean we’ll have a diva on our hands?? Oh dear me, no.

Anyway, last week Sunday, December 4th, she was dedicated at our church. This basically means we took a covenant to raise her in a Christian home, following the values of the church and guiding her in such a way that she will want to accept Christ as her Savior one day. Um, yeah. No pressure or anything. Anyway, it was a good service and we were happy to have Laura and Jared there along with a few of our closest friends to support us since we don’t have much family here. I struggled with not being able to put her in my own baptism gown that her Great-Grandma made for me when I was even more wee than she is now, but it was much to small. In the end I’m glad I went with a new dress because she looked ridiculously adorable.

This little face kills me.

Oh my goodness. Love her.

Her latest thing - the crinkle-nose snuffle laugh. It's adorable.

Such a lady.

Just hanging out on the table at the service. Ain't no thang.

Almost captured a smile.

Announcing our little family.

Besides that, we’ve just been enjoying her constant on-the-go behavior. She hasn’t caused too much mayhem…yet. We installed a couple baby gates, covered the outlets and are just generally more aware of what she’s doing, but so far haven’t really had to worry.

Now on a different note, from all these posts of the baby it may seem like she never smiles or that she only smiles with a closed mouth. But I have photographic proof that she does, in fact, smile quite big! I just don’t often get the chance to capture it since I love smooshing my face into her every time she does.

See why I can't capture it? I just want to attack her when she does this.

Now granted it’s not constant, but when she smiles that large it’s the best and cutest thing ever. And I’m not sure how many times I can use that phrase before it totally loses its meaning but whatever.

She’s cute. She’s moving. She’s 8 months…until Friday. *gulp*