Well I didn’t get around to them this weekend, but I busted my butt yesterday to get you this post today. And no, of course I didn’t get any further on my 2012 photo book. THIS weekend is the weekend. Yes. (trying to sound convincing, go with me here…)

But, please. In the meantime, sit down, relax and enjoy the slideshow.

First up…last day of March and EASTER! We were out of commission in the morning due to a toddler pukefest (well, I went to the Easter service at church while Ryan stayed home with the babe) but in the afternoon Sonora was feeling much better and was up for an egg hunt challenge. I tried to scale back on the candy due to her sickness but she managed to keep down quite a lot of junk for having had an upset stomach earlier. This kid is a sugar addict and will do whatever it takes for candy.

Easter egg hunt! Before, during and after.


"Pound it!"

On the hunt for more candy.

Ready for more!

Show & tell with Daddy / Sitting pretty / Us girls

Hammock love.

Then April hit and we visited the animals in springtime – first at the Littleton Museum and then this past weekend at the Denver Zoo. Also some around the house shots in between.

Play date cuties.

She's a natural farm girl, just like her mama.

Couch arm sitter / Shell eater / TV watcher

I spy with my little eye...somebody extremely cute.

My first attempt at a two-year-old shoot. Happy / Fake happy / Running away / Done

Loves that $1 stroller / Making art / Stroller fun in the yard

Rocking the sunnies, obvs.

Bird fun with mama.

I love my sweet girl.

And now you’re all up to date. Whew! I feel better. Next up…maternity shoot!