Hey there. So now that I finally posted my last set of toddler games (maybe there are more to come, who knows…I am just full of surprises) I can share some photos of our life. Without further ado…

So there was that time last month (December 16 to be exact) when Ryan graduated with his Master’s Degree in Education. No big deal.

We have a Master in the house!

Awkward family portrait at graduation.

This is what happens when you trust a random stranger with your professional camera. They get so intimidated that the pictures are even more horrible than normal (why is the sign a featured item in this shot? So confused). Even Sonora is trying to indicate it’s not a good composition by fake-choking herself.

Being hooded with his Master's sash! Such a proud moment.

And now onto some home life…

This girl and her helmet...inseparable / Last year's gift from Auntie Rhonda / Chocolate face

So many necklaces / MOAR CHOCOLATE (aka ChocoVampire)


More selfies.


Then Christmas happened and here are select few shots of our Christmas fun.

The amount of presents is overwhelming. Apparently not to Ollie, though.

Opening her first gift...a computer of her very own!

Opening gifts with cousin Ella.

Sparkle purse and sparkle shoes. Heaven. (except she doesn't wear either now, hmm)

So many sparkle clippies. Owl love.

A light-up ball from cousin Ella. Yay!

One of her favorite gifts...Little People nativity!

Her adorable side profile.

Very purpley.

Sunday best!

Another one of her favorite gifts...Princess tent! She calls it her "cas-oh". And the pillow I got her a year ago for her future reading tent work much better in her castle!

Sparkle hair clippies from cousin Ella and necklaces from cousin Arianna. And all dressed up for Christmas play time in the snow!

Waiting with eager anticipation.

Stomping in the snow.

Toddler trail.


Blue-eyed beauty.

Hilltop cutie.

Getting ready to sled!


"Gin?" (again)

One more time.

"Yay. Pun" (fun)

She is Sonora and she is precious.

Happy new year!