I had a hard time remembering all the things I learned this week. Probably due to the amount of things going on work-wise and in my brain. Another reason may be that I got myself a little cold – first one of the season. And I just have to say, the Celestial Seasonings tea did NOT work. Product banned.


2.27 – I learned that I really need to practice patience and being slow to anger. I got so frustrated and punished Sadie for making me go outside, (with a very sore ankle), five times without relieving herself. I could not figure out why she was faking me out. Then I realized she was trying to eat the snow because she didn’t have any water. Bad mom!

2.28 – I realized I will never be unaffected by the movie Titanic. One of the greatest movies of all time. I’ll never let go.

3.01 – I learned that our photos are a saving grace when it comes to remembering the details of our travels. I’m now transcribing our Europe trip from my journal notes onto the computer. But because I left out details and failed to type my notes up earlier (like upon our return almost a year ago), I am relying heavily on our documentary-style photos. Thank heavens for our obsession. I also realized after I made coffee this morning that all of our coffee mugs are dirty. So rather than cleaning a couple, we had our coffee in daiquiri glasses.

3.02 – I accomplished a great meeting with another CO connection – Donald from the Colorado Railroad Museum…remember photos from this post? He gave me great leads, asked for an estimate and also gave me some CO travel tips!

3.03 – I realized the phrase “great minds think alike” will never get old.

3.04 – I learned (again) that good customer service is so refreshing. All it takes is a friendly smile and cheery small talk to allow a customer to leave with a great feeling. Thank you to my cashier at Walgreens for being so happy – hopefully I provide that same feeling to guests at the spa.

3.05 – I realized that as savvy as I am, there are some things I’m not able to do. Like put a truck in first gear. Hey, it was not a standard stick-shift and I was warned it was tricky. But now I’m regretting that I gave the “don’t worry about it” wave and said, “phhft, nooo problem!” I feel dumb.


Looking forward to this weekend…a time of friends, family and free-style skiing.

- Laura