I know, I know. This post late and already into the next week. Which means I’m totally going to screw up the sequence of my weeks – rather than going Saturday to Friday night, I’m going to do Saturday to Saturday on this one. Though I find myself to be a stickler for a particular order, it only bothers me a little. Why? Because my best friend from Michigan and her lovely (yet slightly sassy) husband came to visit us this week! So needless to say, I cared more about them than getting this post up in time.

We had a ton of fun and got to do lots of great, touristy things all week long. They sadly had to leave us today, but it was a fantastic week with a great balance of activity, sight-seeing, games and relaxation.

Anyway, here’s this week’s lineup:


6.19 – I learned that some people just can’t be “woo”ed. Meaning: I can’t win ‘em all. Hard to believe, but apparently true. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying…

6.20 – I realized that I might have a breakdown if we ever buy a house…for cleaning reasons alone. It takes far too long to do a good job in just a small townhouse – I can only imagine my angst in cleaning something larger. I shudder at the thought…*ehhrggh*

6.21 – I realized how much I miss friends from back home and how good it is to see them again. Thanks Leah and Jared for coming to us! I also learned that my week isn’t complete without a walk along Clear Creek, and it’s a must when visitors are in town.

6.22 – I discovered that the alpine slide at Heritage Square is fun, but a little slow.

6.23 – I learned that I have made sunscreen my friend. This is a new thing for me after spending years baking myself in the sun without UV protection. It doesn’t make me happy to know that I look my age while Ryan has retained a much more youthful appearance. Darn that baby face!

6.24 – I realized that it’s worth the late night work and long hours to go on adventures with out-of-town guests during the work week.

6.25 – I discovered a delightful pizza at Beau Jo’s. First time around I wasn’t impressed; second time I got a winner. I also realized how much I love playing interactive games with friends. Spoons is still a bit dangerous for me, but Balderdash, Blokus and Clue are fantastically fun.

6.26 – I realized that I totally missed my chance at going to the Golden Farmer’s Market on my first free Saturday! Ahhh! Let’s try for next week… I also discovered the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time. Wow.


Whew. Whirlwind week and only two days to recover – my parents and younger brother are coming to town on Wednesday! Craziness. How will I work, clean and do all the laundry in time? It will be a challenge, but I’m motivated after spending almost all of last week goofing off. Needless to say, I probably won’t be able to post anything from this past week’s excursions until later on this week or after my family leaves next Wednesday. So until then…

- Laura