This was a week full of injury and illness, with a wonderful day of Golden fun with the inlaws.


6.06 – I realized again that I literally injury myself every day. Bumping into furniture, dropping something on myself, walking into a wall and just random clumsiness. I don’t know how to stop myself. It’s a curse.

6.07 – I learned it’s all about taking pleasure in and being grateful for the small things.

6.08 – I realized how much I HATE the flu – it leaves you completely incapacitated and weak for days afterward. I also realized how nice it is to have a work-from-home spouse on sick days. Ryan set up the tv in the bedroom and delivered my every request (medicine, food, etc) so I wouldn’t have to move. LOVE HIM!

6.09 – I realized how many muscles in my body got worked from my sickness – I think you could have bounced a quarter off my entire torso. Ugh…SO SORE. But I accomplished getting contacted by someone from the Travel Channel because of my blog! In response, I reluctantly pitched Signify’s services to them (Ryan’s idea) thinking it was a long shot, but had a good back and forth email conversation with the contact. She said she’d retain my contact info for any marketing needs they may have. Not that I believe her, but at least I tried! And it still means my blog was noticed by a national organization, which is pretty cool.

6.10 – I learned that among all my other trades, I would love to be a travel guide. It’s so much fun showing people new places, even if they are not new to me.

6.11 – I accomplished witnessing the first major hail storm here – marble-sized hail that accumulated to 5″ in under 15 mins. Craziness! Not to mention in June…Colorado is weird like that sometimes.


I’m tired. It was a long week for my body. And another busy week next week. But now…onto the weekend!

- Laura