It’s that time again.


5.29 – I realized that it’s still weird for me to not have to take my contacts out if I want to take a nap or fall asleep in the car. Still not quite used to the perks of 20/20 vision. I also realized that it’s spring time, going on summer, and my hair isn’t frizzy! I am so glad for no humidity – it’s like I’m a new girl…

5.30 – I learned that while my influence is important, God’s plan is bigger.

5.31 – I realized that gorging on delicious food wasn’t the best idea – indigestion all night long. But Memorial Day BBQs are so good!

6.01 – I accomplished some good networking; getting positive reviews on my logo concepts; updating my website; and obtaining a new client/project. Whew! All in a day’s work.

6.02 – I realized I missed the first episode of my favorite summer show – So You Think You Can Dance! Ahh!!

6.03 – I learned that unreliability can sometimes be reliable. Oxymoron: consistently unreliable. I also realized that passive voice isn’t the best way to communicate – because neither of us said who would be calling who at what time, I missed out on a phone meeting with a potential client. Thankfully, we connected the next day. Phew!

6.04 – I realized that sometimes I seriously need to chill out. Hunger and stress make me a mean person. Not acceptable.


This weekend’s agenda: work, pool, BBQ with friends…church, rugby, pool, movie. Excited to see my cousin-in-law play in the national championship game this weekend!

- Laura