Here’s this week’s lineup…


5.22 – I realized (again) that I turn into a crazy person if I don’t have food when I’m really hungry. And I know my cousin Lexia has this same thing (along with our shared wooden spoon phobia). I think it’s a blood sugar level thing, but I get super crabby and impatient when I’m hungry so it’s best to treat me with loving kindness until I get nourishment.

5.23 – I realized that sometimes I just need to let things go…things won’t always go as  planned. Clifton Strengths Finder told me Empathy and Adaptability were two of my top five – most days that’s true, but some days I’m not so sure. This was one of those days.

5.24 – I realized that I have a hideous bedtime routine. Last night I went to bed with wet hair (which winds up like a crazy person’s in the morning), put eye gel in my eyes for more moisture, affixed my “special” goggles and twisted my body in such a way so that my face was pointing toward the humidifier. Yikes. I am not peaceful to watch when I sleep…I am frightening.

5.25 – I realized that the word silhouette is my spelling problem-child. It always takes me a few tries before I get it right. I also learned that I don’t totally despise running…even though it still takes a bit of coercing to get me to go.

5.26 – I learned that I need to be better at communication. I got really frustrated when my print quotes came back all wrong and realized that it was mostly my fault because I failed to define/detail certain things. I was too close to the project and I guess I assumed the vendor would be able to read my mind. You know what assuming does…

5.27 – I accomplished working a 14 hour day. I didn’t like it. But in that time, I learned that persistence pays off – after many logo failures, I finally came up with a few good ones to send on. Let’s just see what the client thinks!

5.28 – I learned that as confusing and complicated life is sometimes, I have comfort in knowing it’s all in God’s hands and I don’t need to worry. What a freeing feeling. Now if only I would truly stop worrying…


The three day weekend is upon us! But while we enjoy our extended weekend, let’s take time to remember and honor our nation’s heroes.

- Laura