Why did it snow this week…in May? That is lame. This is the time for warmth, outdoor activities and flowers! No more mood swings, Colorado, we’re all sick of your fickle nature. They have been getting the pool ready for opening weekend coming up on Memorial Day weekend, so it’s just nonsense that we’re still getting that white, sticky wintertime stuff. I’m all set with the snowsuits – bring on swimsuit season!


5.08 – I accomplished getting more work for Signify thanks to my good friend, Sarah – hooray! Out of three other contenders, we got chosen to create her company’s new website. This is the same day I realized I’ve gotten Ryan addicted to coffee. After requesting coffee during our evening cinematic viewing, he proceeded to not only drink his cup in under 5 mins, but also frantically brewed two additional cups because it was “so good!.” Yikes. I may have created a monster. (just kidding, honey)

5.09 – I learned (yet again…) that life here is one perpetual vacation. It upset me that we had to rate our hike as just “good” rather than “great” – it was still a hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for pete’s sake! I also realized there’s nothing I dislike about Colorado except for all the missing people I love.

5.10 – I realized that I haven’t felt the urge to go shopping in a long time. In Chicago, I used to want to go all the time…and would usually follow through with that urge. But now I’d rather spend that money doing fun activities with new friends.

5.11 – I realized that the only other people besides my mom and Ryan that are commenting on my Examiner.com posts are fake/aliases. This makes me laugh. Anyone want to ‘fess up to being Marie?

5.12 – I accomplished finalizing the website design for Signify Photography! ‘Twas due time for design and photography to separate in order to promote each to the proper audience. Took me long enough, but better late than never!

5.13 – I realized that I may not be working for the Census after all – boo. So much for four days of training. Getting paid by the government to train for a job I didn’t end up getting seems like a great use of our tax money. (insert sarcasm here) Not to mention there were 21 other people in my class who are likely in the same situation I am. Nice. On a more positive note, I learned that interns at TallGrass are the best perk of the job – free massages for employees!

5.14 – I learned that laziness is such a hard habit to break. We don’t work out often (just our weekend activities), we eat junk food a lot and we sit behind a computer all day and then watch “our shows” just about every night. What are we doing? This routine is madness…time for a new one. And as one of my friends just commented, “you live in Colorado for goodness sake.” Yeah, I know. I’m ashamed. I also realized that I am very affected by the way I’m treated – I got chastised by a really crabby man this morning and I’m still upset about it tonight.


Next post topic? The end of my obsessive computer usage. Yeah, it’s a shocker…just wait for it.

- Laura