Here’s this week’s lineup – some kind of repeat my previous posts from this week, but that’s all I’ve got folks. Take it or leave it.


4.3 – I accomplished seeing my first tumbleweed! I think that makes our move out West official.

4.4 – I learned that there are places out here that are similar in landscape and culture to my hometown of Beaverdam, MI – hooray for country folks!

4.5 – I accomplished getting a response email from another great CO connection and have a meeting with him this week – so excited to see what’s in store!

4.6 – I realized I have many addictions. Let me share some of the ones I’ve realized lately: 1) taking photos of just about everything we do, see or pose with (including statues…of course); 2) scarves (as you’ve seen…); 3) making puns/being witty (aka thinking I’m hilarious); 4) nicknaming our dog names such as, Little One, Barks, Lady Marble Eyes and so on; 5) reality shows like Project Runway, Shear Genius, Pawn Stars and Chopped… And really the list could go on, but that’s it for today.

4.7 – I learned that I need an major shift in attitude. I get so caught up in what I should be when I grow up, but often fail to realize that what I DO doesn’t define who I AM…and in the end, worldly success is meaningless. I should always strive to be the best for the Kingdom – at my jobs, in my relationships and most importantly, in my every day life by having a Christ-like attitude. Because really, “It is not only what people do that matters; the good that they fail to do is equally important to God.” (ESV notes on James 4:17)

4.8 – I realized that it’s probably not the best idea to stand in a hamper full of dirty clothes to take an aerial photo. Not as sturdy as one might think.

4.9 – I accomplished getting more leads and tips (from a 30-year professional) on how to pursue my travel writing endeavor – hooray! I love that so many people are so willing to offer advice and help me grow. Oh, and I also realized that I forgot to wash a scarf – oops…I actually have 13. I admit it’s a bit much, but it’s retail therapy! Don’t judge.


Anyway, I’m excited for this weekend – it’s E-Days (Engineering Days) and there is a great schedule of activities in store for us tomorrow including cardboard boat racing down Clear Creek and a “dynamic” fireworks show (yes, with actual dynamite). This should be interesting! Unfortunately, I will miss some of the fun stuff since I have to work until 1:30, but plan to join in time for the afternoon and evening events.

So until Monday…

- Laura