So far I’ve learned, realized or accomplished more than seventy things this year – and those are only the things I wrote down. One can only imagine how much I’ve actually learned in 2010 already. It’s probably mind-boggling.


3.06 – I learned that I am not alone in my fascination of the show, Hoarders. I also realized that we have the best overlook of Denver from Lookout Mountain.

3.07 – I realized yet again that we pretty much hit the jackpot with our church. Great messages, great people and great location. And now even father-approved.

3.08 – I learned that my dad is pretty sporty and agile – he took on an accidental blue/black run for his first run. Sorry, and nice work!

3.09 – I realized there is so much to show people and a ton to do around our area, it’s almost overwhelming. So come visit!

3.10 – I accomplished getting all my design projects to my clients ahead of  deadline, a feat in and of itself. These past two weeks I’ve found myself working two or three jobs in one day between spa, freelance and teaching. It got a little chaotic and I was frantic for a bit trying to fit everything in, but so far so good!

3.11 – I learned that it’s all in the details. Totally annoyed by something I did that could have been avoided had I paid closer attention. Argh.

3.12 – I realized the best things for you always take work. There are three things that are really important for me to do but yet are the hardest for me to turn into consistent habits – daily Bible reading, regularly exercising and going to bed earlier than midnight.


Speaking of going to bed before midnight…good night.

- Laura