My first week back at it!

And to preface this first photo, I didn’t know I was going to be doing this 365 project yet, so this photo is actually taken with our point-and-shoot. Forgive me. BUT, if you want to see the photo I did take with our DSLR this day, please see previous post.

In any case, enjoy my week in pictures.

04.16 //  I realized (truly) that the older you get, the more time flies  and to cherish every moment. Aaaand in saying this, I discovered that I have  officially become an adult… (happy month-day, Sonora!)

04.17 //  I realized that despite the hassle of having to prepare and bring lots of stuff, it’s fun to get out and do things with a baby in tow. In fact, it makes life a little “sweeter…”

04.18 //  I learned short sales are stupid. *flush*

04.19 //  I learned how weird pumping is. I am a cow.

04.20 //  I realized no matter what kind of foul hormonal mood I’m in, this face can ALWAYS cheer me up.

04.21 //  I realized I’ll always be a sucker for photographing flowers. Always.

04.22 //  I’m learning that productivity takes on a new meaning with a newborn – Laundry done, folded AND put away? Productive! And vacuumed, dusted AND cleaned the kitchen? Such a busy day!

04.23 //  I learned that Sonora does well on road trips – at least ones that are an hour-and-a-half. We’ll see what happens this summer with a 15 hour one…

Okay, so the last one wasn’t taken with the good camera either. But I didn’t feel like hauling one more thing up to the mountains for our two-day trip this weekend. We already brought everything under the sun. Oy. Babies.

Anyway, so there you have it. And I’ll be better this week at taking them ALL with the DSLR. I promise.

Also, HAPPY EASTER! Ours was spent at Winter Park for closing day watching the Spring Splash (crazily outfitted skiiers/snowboarders trying to make it across a pool of water at the bottom of the ski hill) and Ryan got some skiing in as well (though, he didn’t go in shorts like he wanted). We also went to Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday and spotted a bunch of wildlife – Sonora’s first time seeing a moose! Well, okay, she didn’t actually SEE it as she was sleeping the whole time, but whatever. We adults saw a moose. And it was cool.

So, not a very traditional way to celebrate the holiday (wish we could have gone to an Easter service…), but we had a good time with Laura and Jared. Plus, Sonora is still to little to enjoy any festivities, but I’m sure next Easter will include some fun things for a little baby girl. Yay!