So first I have some bad news.

I think the blog is going to be over once my maternity series is done this summer.

I know, I know. Sad times!

But I’m only a little sad because it’s been a long time in coming – I’ve been hot/cold about this blog for a while now. I really like it to share stories and photos (especially to have descriptive memories for myself) but it’s become a distraction from doing more productive things with my down time like cleaning (ugh), reading and making our yearly family photo book, just to name a few. As far as the photo book goes, I’ve only done Jan-March of 2012 so far. So yeah. A full year behind is a little problematic, I’d say.

I think instead of sharing full stories of our adventures publicly here, I’ll just continue to post statuses and photos on Facebook every now and then. I also have a love/hate relationship with Facebook but I can’t seem to give it up. And Ryan came up with a good idea of sharing/emailing progression pages of our photo book throughout the year, especially for the grandparents, so that will hopefully solve the problem of my productivity with our family photo albums – instead of blogging it, I’ll update my photo book instead and share the pages as I go. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Anyway, I guess I didn’t really need to make a whole post about it but considering I haven’t shared photos of my best girl lately I wanted to explain why. It just takes up too much time for the six people that read this blog, heh. (well, I know there are more readers from what Google Analytics tells me, but sometimes it seems like I’m just “talking” to myself)

On that note…I took some time – just for you – to compile some March photos of Sonora. You’re welcome.

We took the infant car seat out one day and this is what happened. She requested Ryan feed her the milk, too. Hilarious.

Neighborhood walk / Neighborhood watch / Neighborhood diva

Love her sweet face.

So pleased with herself.

Sonora turned two!

She wanted "strawberry cake" and when I asked if she just wanted strawberries ON the cake, she said "yep". So strawberries and angel food cake it was.

Fairy wings and handmade tutu for her birthday / Riding "back-erds" in another birthday tutu / Being a princess in her castle in yet another handmade tutu

How I found her after her birthday nap. (she insisted on sleeping with her "weengs" on)


Having fun with our emotions

Like I said, I’ll continue to post until my maternity series is over…then I think it will be time to put this blog into retirement (we’ll say that in case it decides to make a comeback tour). So cherish these posts while they last, ha!