There have been a few more distinctly Colorado observations I’ve made yet again:

1) Colorado natives are a rare find. We have met more people here who are from the Midwest than who were actually born in this state. If that’s not a blatant sign that all you Midwesterners should join us out here, I don’t know what is. Oh, except for this next one.

2) The weather is amazing. Here’s this week’s JANUARY forecast (so far, “A” for accurate) – Monday (34); Tuesday (54); Wednesday (51); Thursday (43); Friday (46); Saturday (52). It. is. wonderful.

3) However, static is a beast here. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this one yet…ARGH!! I can’t even tell you how annoying it is that every single time I go to touch something – anything – I get a giant shock. Even Sadie ducks her head and squints her eyes in preparation for the sharp crackle and zap she receives with the first pet after we’ve walked across the room. Light switches are the worst…ow!

4) We hear birds chirping nearly every morning. And remember, it’s winter. Okay so maybe this happens during the winter in the Midwest, too, and I just never noticed it before?? The first time it happened I thought I was making it up. But to my delight, it has been a reoccurring event and hearing their cheerful little warbles outside our window in the wee hours of the morning makes it seem like springtime. That, and the brilliant sunlight streaming through our blinds (a blessing and a curse depending on the hour…).

5) Colorado drivers are terrible at merging. This is probably because of the yield signs on highway on-ramps – people here are confused about the term. Rather than using caution when merging at an appropriate speed (aka to yield or relinquish right of way), they think it’s more logical and lawful to try to catch up to the flow of traffic from 0-15 MPH, therefore causing a roadblock waiting for an opening. Attention Colorado drivers: to slow down drastically or stop before entering 70 MPH traffic flow is ridiculous, frustrating and unsafe. And no, we’re not the crazy drivers who weave into traffic, but we will honk if need be.

6) Residential “junk yards” are a more common sight here. Oddly enough, we see most of them by houses in the mountains. Maybe I just notice it more here seeing it in comparison of the awesome mountain grandeur…I mean, I’m not one to judge but it’s just so odd and disappointing to see junk sitting in such natural beauty. Then again, it’s almost as disturbing for me to see giant houses on the very top of mountains – as much as I envy those who get to live there, something just feels off about it.

7) We’ve been told there’s not much to do in the winter. But whoever says that usually follows it with, “There’s way more to do in the summer” which makes much more sense. The first comment is a completely bizarre statement to us as we always considered the Midwest to lack in winter activities due to cold, proximity and budget. Here, it seems as though there are so many things for us to do nearby without having to pay a dime. So I guess we’re really in store for an action-packed summer!

Observationally yours,