There have been a few more observations I’ve made about our new state of residence that I’d like to share with you again today:

1) People here work to live and live to play. That’s just how it is. This is straight from one local’s mouth with confirmation from another. And this is why I think I’ll like it here even more the longer we’re here – it’s just laid back. You work where you work, whether it’s corporate or Starbucks, but if there’s a good snow…it’s a day off to hit the slopes. No questions asked. Call that what you will, but I find it refreshing.

2) We experience all four seasons in two weeks. Last week was a very cold week with the lowest daytime temperature being 7 degrees – boooo. But once the weekend hit, it was sunny skies and 48-50 degrees – an awesome day for our romp around the CO RR museum. Then yesterday and today, the temperature got all the way into the upper 50s and low 60s. It was great! However, whilst I was having a glorious time shopping around Golden today in a light sweater and sans coat, around 3pm the weather decided to get a little frisky – it abruptly turned windy and chilly and it is now 42 degrees. Argh! So my guess is that to complete the cycle, we will get some snow tonight. We’ll see.

3) People in Golden like to say, “That’s so Golden” and “Only in Golden!” with fondness and love. It’s really funny. I have seriously heard someone say either one of those phrases every weekend since we’ve been here while we’re bumming around town. For instance, at the parade last Saturday we got to join in a community Macarena dance in the street after the parade had ended. First of all, yes, it happened…and with fervor. Second of all, for those of you who may not be familiar with this dance, you’re missing out – Google it. Anyway, a man nearby happened to say “Haha! Only in Golden!” accompanied by a large grin and amused head shake before joining in himself. I love it.

4) Random events happen and no one seems to be surprised by them. They are the opposite of nonplussed, if you will. As an example, please review observation #3 noted above. No one blinked an eye when, after a Christmas parade, a Spanish hand-and-hip dance was blasted via loudspeaker. Rather, everyone got in formation immediately and shook what their mommas gave them as if it was a normal occurrence. And perhaps it is…I haven’t been here long enough to tell. But I suppose this parade is a bit random itself, so I guess I should expect nothing less. In any case, it’s pretty amusing. If a town can have a kindred spirit, then Golden and I were meant to be – quirky, fun-loving and somewhat awkward at times.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be sure to keep adding to my list as I notice more.

Observationally yours,