So no big deal that I’m almost a month behind on my posts…heh.

But as the primary breadwinner of the family now making the big bucks (hahahahahaha!) I’ve been prioritizing work during any free time I have. And I still haven’t cleaned the house after our last round of guests were here a couple weeks ago. There is just not enough time in the week! One thing after another is going on around here…if we’re not working, hosting house guests, or flying back to Michigan, we’re having friends over for Bible study or dinner. And so on. It’s been very busy. But I could rationalize all day and you still wouldn’t care. You just come here to see photos.


Here are photos from our annual color tour trip up Mt. Evans the second to last weekend in September. I’ll make a note here saying that I didn’t take any time to edit any of these (as usual) other than combining a few. So all the colors are straight from the camera…no saturation was added.

We went with our great friends and fellow parents, Candace and Brett, with their son, Beckett. Candace and I hang out every week, sometimes a few times a week. So any time I talk about outings we go on you can pretty much bet she and Beckett are with us.

Annual family portrait on the rock!

Golden trees! The left one was literally glowing in the sunlight. Gorgeous.

The beautiful field everyone stops at to take photos. So of course.

We were wearing our cutest outfits and the toddler was totally cooperating. Oh wait.

I love them so much.

I vowed to come back to take more 18-month photos here. (and I did!)

Pre-arranged marriage.

Roadside shots.

The drive. Pure gold.


Rocky, yellow road.

Sadie enjoys this drive every year as well.

Driveby shooting.

Off we go to hike to the top*! (*nope, not the top...not even a mile)

I love this lake best of all.

We're on a hike.

Up, up, up.

Our destination (we didn't even get close) / Our journey

Taking a break. Looking cute.

Boys and babies.



The group.

She just wanted snacks. MORE SNACKS.

On our way back with our favorite hiking partner.

Way back down.

Parting shot. Stunning!

We have more reds and oranges here by us in the low lands but I’m still in love with the neon yellow aspens that we see on this color tour every year.

Next up…more 18-month photos!