We don’t have a lot going on right now, but sometimes I do miss blogging about our every day life and not just my growing (bulging) belly. So tonight I thought I blabber a bit.

I’m subbing again tomorrow which will be fun, and in two weeks I’ll be leading an Intro to Graphic Design class at the school for an after school enrichment program. It’s not a huge commitment or anything, but this means rather than just watching a large group of kids play every day (okay, to be fair we lead cooking, art and science activities, too), I will be teaching a small group of creative-minded students about my career for a couple hours once a week. I am very excited to start putting together my “lesson plans” for this 5-week session…so excited that I’m already planning to head to Hobby Lobby on Thursday for some supplies.

Well, that’s not entirely the truth. I was already planning to head there for some DIY projects I’m planning to get started on for decorating baby’s corner. (as i wrote that, i was reminded of Dirty Dancing…”nobody puts baby in a corner” haha) Plans that are in store are some crafty hand-sewn birds for a mobile I’ve been wanting to do. Did I ever mention I LOVE mobiles? Calder was a pretty sweet mobile artist. Anyway, Etsy.com always comes through with some uber talented people who inspired me to get my hands dirty rather than just trying to find the items at the store. And I found a lot of fun things today at Michaels for super cheap. Here’s my inspiration:

Totally easy, totally cute.

Wait…how did this turn back into writing about baby H? *sigh* One-track mind lately, sorry.

Well, anyway…that’s the latest regarding work. Happy I can put something else on my resume! And I hope to keep leading sessions like this part-time during the whole “motherhood” phase of my life since I know it helps keep the modern day woman from losing her identity. Ha. But in all seriousness, I’m getting really excited to be a stay-at-home-mom. So even if I don’t have a ton of design or education-related work to do, I think I’ll be completely fulfilled in this upcoming new role.

Life is good.

Just a bit of blabber,