Hey, looky there! I got so behind on this post that it’s actually Sunday again, heh.

Before I get into the photos, here are a few things about our little sweetie buns:

  • My favorite words of hers right now are: “pa-kohs” (sparkles) and “wow,” because she whispers them with such awe.
  • I also love it when she says “YAY”.
  • Oh, and I can’t forget “uh oh” and “uppsth” (oops). She looks SO CUTE when she says “uh oh” and “oops” has that little lisp sound at the end which makes it extra adorable
  • She repeats “han-on” (hang on) or “wheat” (wait) whenever we ask her to do one or the other
  • She says “yep” or “yah” in response to us and “ummm” as if she’s trying to make a decision (I’m not sure she knows what it means but she learned it from me)
  • Her favorite objects lately are her blankie (as always), her hand puppet moose she got from grandpa and grandma last Christmas that she calls, “Moosey,” and her doll stroller. Also anything with sparkles. And jewelry.
  • She always wants to have a book in her hand that she looks through while I read one to her. It’s a very complicated story time.
  • Ryan has come up with a lot of fun games he plays with her that I’m going to write another post about here soon.

Okay, so these are photos from almost the entire month of November and even a few bonus ones from yesterday and today.

“Han-on”…you’re in for a sweet treat.

November 8-15

Morning cutie / Smartie pants / For the love of Blankie

Kitchen helper (of a mess she made herself)

Pretend sleeping and fake snoring in the laundry baskets. I swear these have gotten more uses out of them...I should recommend them as baby gifts.


She was anxious to get off the changing table this day. Apparently she didn't want clothes to get in the way of her reading.

November 16-20

Future make up artist / Doll stroller!! / Window clings

Fun at the Cherry Creek Mall play area...with 1,387 other kids.

This is how I found her one morning, watching Elmo.

Princess of the house.

I love her outfits.

November 23-30

(If you’re reading this carefully, you’ll see I skipped November 21 & 22 because I’ve already posted those here and here)

"Pa-kohs!" / First time helping decorate the tree

Reading to her doll. I AM DYING FROM THE CUTE.

Propping dolly up / Story time

"Ide?" (asking me if I want to play hide-and-seek) / Oh for the love of books

Playing with the "tinies" (baby beanie babies)

She is not very good at hiding, but she's really cute.

Large box...another gift that keeps on giving.

Life is rough.

December 1-2

Sunshine / "Wee-no"

Reading in the "big bed" / Relaxing on daddy

Chillin (actually from November) / "Tee-kohs"

"Wa-low" squirter

Rain drops keep falling on my head

Isn’t she just the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?

Also…it’s already December. How did that happen?? I can’t believe we have less than 30 days before 2013. Craziness.

Happy December,