I was reminded today that while I’ve been posting a lot of photos with Sadie in them, I have neglected to feature our rabbit, Sienna. So this video is for my friend and former co-worker, Linda, who helped me realize I need to stop playing favorites (although Sadie’s in this one, too…so hmm.) Well, it’s mostly because Sienna doesn’t do a whole lot on her own and she doesn’t enjoy any of the clothes I’ve tried to put on her either. So let’s just be honest – she’s not as funny to photograph.

But don’t worry…I have another way of torturing our beloved rabbit  – just as I torture our dog by dressing her up in ridiculous, but undeniably cute, outfits. Sometimes just for pure entertainment value, I like to let Sadie chase Sienna around the house which makes for a fun video and lively evening entertainment. Call me cruel but she can hold her own (note the thumping sound she makes to ward off Sadie – which works). And hey, it gives them both exercise so it’s a win-win for me all around. Enjoy!

Okay, and I’m sorry, but we just took these videos today as we were sledding at lunch and I cannot resist sharing. So my apologies to Sienna for AGAIN making this about Sadie, but I’ll try to be better in the future. Conscious effort, I promise.

This one makes me laugh every time.

We just think Sadie is hilarious looking as she runs in her winter coat. And yes, I am commenting on how I totally ran over and fell into some little fiends of tree stumps…argh. I’m definitely sore and bruised, but it was worth it!