Ah, the Midwest. How I have a love/hate relationship with you.

Okay, so I had planned to write a huge, long sloppy post about how much I love the people back there and how hard it is to leave, but I think that I shouldn’t do that. Because it might just kill me at the rate my meltdowns are happening (like every few days).

So all I will say is this: life is hard. And making grown-up decisions is annoying.

Well, I guess that’s not ALL I will say.

It was so great spending quality time with many of my friends and so wonderful to see Sonora with both sets of grandparents. I wish that she could see them more often and that we could have playdates all the time with all my mom-friends’ kiddos, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s just not reality for us. We’ve made a home here now. And I’ve rationalized the situation by reminding myself how much more special visits will be because we DON’T see them all the time.

There are many things we’re missing out on, but there are so many amazing things happening here, too. And I feel God’s hand in every decision we make, so I know they must be right. God has provided us with a whole slew of opportunities, so many great communities and now a wonderful place to live and raise a family out here. I can’t be selfish and ask for more.

And taking the risk of sounding super lame…it’s a digital world now.

It’s true! We have things so much better than before. Sonora will still be able to “see” her grandparents, I will still be able to catch up with my friends via phone and Facebook (social media ain’t all bad, folks) and when we do come to town again, in person visits will be full of quality time.

Just as is the struggle with being a stay-at-home mom or a work-outside-the-home mom – I can’t have it all. So while the Midwest still calls me back, my home is here…with Ryan and Sonora. And it is good.

Love to everyone. I miss you all dearly. (hint hint – come visit!)

Sappily yours,