Since I’m on a roll with parenting posts about how much SAHMs should make and how {not} boring life is as a mom, I thought I’d add one more. Let’s talk about parenting and our methods, shall we?

Or not. Because I’m already tired of hearing about which way to parent is best.

Moms, am I right when I say that we all get – and give – unwanted advice or “helpful” tips or negative comments about a certain parenting method? It’s like a rite of passage. WE MUST SAY OUR PIECE.

But to that I say: to each her own! To disagree means to think for oneself which is a GOOD thing. Why try to push one agenda, regardless of how well (or awful) it worked for you or how much you’ve researched it? Unless we ask, it’s for us to investigate on our own. And furthermore, as moms giving this advice to other moms we should know that every parent and every baby/kid is different so what works for one might not work for the other. Or so I’ve been told.

Don’t get me wrong, offering advice (even unwanted) is very welcome over here! Often I ask for opinions. And I will gladly smile, nod and either try it, file it away or ignore it completely. Thank you for your tips/methods/wisdom…really. It’s just the opinions that come across as judgmental or superior that bother me. Like, “I can’t BELIEVE some people do xyz!” Why can’t you believe that? Because we are all robots? We are all wired the same? It’s like asking someone why they don’t agree with your political or religious preference – we each have our own rationale.

We all know that for the most part every parent is doing their best and loves their kid(s). And I would hope that for the important things we are all doing our research and not just blindly taking advice. But we can’t get discouraged or feel we have to do something just because of a strong opinion or one source…even if it’s our doctor. We should get second opinions, read up on the issue and talk to other people who know the specific situation/issue/concern. But most of all, I think we should go with our instinct.

If you want my opinion, I’ll give it. And I will try my bestest not to try to persuade you to do it or discourage you from doing something else. I do have my opinions but I try to be as tactful as possible when I talk about them.

And one more thing piggy-backing on that last thought of tactfulness/sensitivity…we shouldn’t get offended when someone shares their opinion on parenting, negative or otherwise. I’m generally okay with people who want to share their opinions – as presumptuous or as heart-felt as they may be – because despite my sensitivity/over-analyzing in other areas of my life (work, social) I really don’t get hung up on anything regarding parenting…yet. I’m not sure why this is, it just is. So if someone says something that I don’t agree with or spins a certain parenting method negatively, I just brush it off and let it roll of my back. I usually don’t give it a second thought or feel pressured. And I don’t get offended (not yet, that is). Because people will always have their opinions.

At some point we will all get offended and feel defensive about parenting or something else we care about. And that’s okay as long as we realize that it’s a fact of life and will happen again about something else. We can’t get too hung up on it. Not everyone can agree or play nicely. Plus, we are adults and we should all experience confrontation as well as dish it out – it’s healthy to do this! But in situations where we are feeling attacked, we should just step back and ask ourselves “is it worth it to argue?”

I didn’t mean for this to go on so long and nothing in particular happened to me to make me write this but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter if not for anything else but to ENCOURAGE other parents out there to just keep on keeping on. I know I’m still new at this and that I have a lot to learn but based on the information and advice I’ve been collecting, I’m parenting MY way. And that’s the best way.

So my piece of parenting advice? Do your thing, it’s your call. End of story.

And if I ever say anything that offends you – I’m sorry. But it will happen! So just try to ignore me, heh.

Lovingly yours,