Well guys, this is my LAST month-day post before we have a ONE-YEAR-OLD. A little crazy, right? Yeah just a little. Anyway, for this post we have a combo with Sunday photostrip – your lucky day!

But first things first…a photo and updates on the month.

During her eleventh month of life, Sonora:

  • learned how to climb the stairs…and really well! She is now an expert (although she did take a little tumble the other day after getting too confident)
  • points at things to learn their name (ie. clock, duck, etc)
  • said her first words! “duh” for duck and “doh” for dog
  • taking steps to us after free standing for a bit
  • likes taking things out of bins/baskets and so she can put them back in (ie. laundry & bath toys)
  • really enjoys reading and will “read” on her own

And here are some photos of the past couple weeks.

Mischevious and messy

Gap teeth!

Delicious taco mess.

Crazy daddy-styled hair.

Digging through mama's purse.

Disappointed upon discovering the state of her mother's finances.

Water fun.

Leaving her watery mess behind.

I’d like to say that this “splash zone” keeps her occupied for a long time but alas, these photos were in the course of roughly 4-7 minutes. *sigh* Well, it was fun while it lasted.

And that’s the latest!