Hey there. Time for a little break from the maternity series because I’ve got some photos of The Girl to share with you from this month. Enjoy.

Sunny day, snowy weather. I swear she was fine without a coat. Snow is deceiving.

This girl loves crunching in the snow.

Okay, mama, enough with the photos. I want to crunch.

New hat and heading downstairs to slide / Dr. Sonora at your service

Little fashionista / How I found her one morning

This day she literally read from the moment she woke up until we left for an outing two hours later.

Red hat society member / Sticker fun / Snow crunch

Backyard explorer.

Tiny shadow.

Playing peek-a-boo behind the tree. Believe it or not, she did disappear behind it. Skinny little thing.

Coming in for a hug (one of her favorite things lately...LOVE) / Hugs!

Next up…our weekend adventures in Red Rocks and at the Denver Zoo.