We’re moved in! It took longer than I would have liked, but with the energy of a dull battery it made for a slower pace. Not to mention we had to re-organize a few rooms (ergh) due to getting a new-to-us washer and dryer for our laundry room (hooray)! So that set things back a bit as well.

You see, despite my messy nature, I’m actually a very methodical organizer. So things are strategically placed and arranged according to my standards. It’s like fitting the puzzle pieces together – things have to be stacked, crammed and folded just right in order for the proper fit. With all the mismatched, random stuff we have it may not look like it, but believe me…it is. A lot of it is just hidden away in closets. Gotta get creative with limited storage space. So it takes a while for that level of precision.

Anyway, with all that said, here is a visual walking tour of our new digs in Lochwood Landings!

The outside of our place - we're the first floor/garden level. Please note the "dock" leading to the stairs. Love it!

Taking a walk around the complex.

There is an aquaduct in between the two complexes. Endearing, no?

Living room upon entry. Yes, at some point we'll replace these couches...

Kitchen off to the right, just past the coat closet.

Dining room is left of the kitchen view, right of living room view. (as you can see, it's behind the couches)

Where the money is made. Things you can't see: IKEA storage shelf and closet to the right. Room is larger than it appears.

Master bedroom.

View of vanity area and doors to bathroom.

Built-in changing table and butt washing station.

Like our new shower curtain? I bought it last year and find that it goes nicely with the blue cabinetry, which is actually not as bright as seen in this photo.

So that’s it! Not terribly small and for $500/m savings, it was definitely worth the move.

But did I mention yet that I’m SO done with moving? Yeah, I’ve decided that the next move will be into a house…that we’ll stay in for longer than three years. Why, you ask? Because in the five years we’ve been married, I’ve moved five times. Let’s review together, shall we? From my parents’ home in Michigan to our rental home in Illinois. From our rental home to our condo. From our condo to the inlaws. From the inlaws to Colorado. From Golden to Lakewood.

Oh. my. word. I am over it. And next time I hope I won’t be pregnant because it’s the pits to move when all I want to do is sleep.

I’ve said my piece.

Ain’t gonna move no mo’, no mo’,