To pick up where I left off… (or, rather, just jump right in like I never stopped blogging for two weeks…) today we went on our annual pre-Thanksgiving day hike. As I mentioned last year, we intend to hike one of the Table Mountains in Golden for every year that we’re here for Thanksgiving. While last year we opted for South, today we hiked North. It was a fabulous day, as it usually is the day before Thanksgiving – 75 and sunny. Warm but not sweaty. And perfect for working off all the food we’ll eat tomorrow with the Veenstras up in Tabernash!

We had actually planned to be in Michigan this week (with a couple stops in Illinois there and back), but last weekend I felt overwhelmed with everything I had to get done plus just thinking about a 16-hour drive with a toddler with two drivers on little sleep…I panicked. If we would’ve been able to stay for two weeks maybe it would have been less stress-inducing but the short amount of time we’d actually be with family (and not on the road) just wasn’t worth the stress and exhaustion for me. Plus…WORK. So much work. I thought the holidays slowed down?? Guess not! But grateful, as always.

The wonderful thing about telling our friends here in Colorado that our trip was cancelled? So many invites to Thanksgiving celebrations! Last year we went to three…this year we got invited to FIVE! I wonder what will happen next year? We also had a Friendsgiving last week Tuesday with our small group friends which was absolutely delicious. We are clearly all fabulous cooks. The Fatticci’s had their table all set and decorated for the occasion – complete with hand-made name cards on beautiful fall leaves – it was very fancy indeed. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful community out here, especially in times like this.

Anyway, enjoy our hike!

The sunglasses didn't stay on past the car. Sheesh.

Sonora, the Queen.

So much for the stroller.


You love us, don't you?

Water break amidst the crags.

Hi there.

Overlooking "Seacliffs". I don't really understand the "sea" part but okay. Wait. The clouds do look an awful lot like a sea, though, now that I look at it...maybe they were onto something after all.

Snacks with a view!


This was incredibly steep and ominous. Did not stay long. Also did not take Sonora here because...danger.

But I am fearless!

Fun dancing clouds.

Not as dangerous as it looks. Promise.

I think she might have been "ma-ching" (marching).

Heading to Denver (see it waaaaay off into the distance on the left?)

Don't worry, we weren't actually hiking back to Denver. That would be crazy. Also...artsy pic by Ryan. SKY.

What do you mean? I'm totally NOT posing.

Thanks, North Table Mountain, you were fun.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving! We miss our families and friends back in Illinois and Michigan (and Oregon) and are sad we aren’t with you all this Thanksgiving but we’ll try again at Christmas.

Thankfully yours,